The Three Pound Crystal Ball: How the Dreaming Brain Can See the Future by Louis Ferrante (Author)

The Three Pound Crystal Ball is a landmark book that combines physics, psychology, personal experiences, extensive research, and neuroscience to establish that the dreaming brain can indeed see the future, and in turn prepare for it; a book for scientists and non-scientists alike, or anyone that has ever dreamt a dream that came true. Louis Ferrante takes the reader on a journey through history and time to unravel his brain/time theory. His startling conclusion: The brain can indeed see the near future.

Louis Ferrante is an international bestselling author, global business speaker, and television host for Discovery Networks International. His books have been translated into fifteen languages and his television series has aired in over 200 countries and territories around the world.


Lou Ferrante ¦ Inside the Gangsters Code – The Camorra Mafia Documentary 2015

Lou Ferrante, Mafia documentary

Published on Aug 5, 2015
IONS 2015 Conference Friday morning

Impermanence – Awakening Through Insecurity- Part 1

Published on Aug 5, 2015

From the view of the separate self, this existence is inherently uncertain, and we are profoundly vulnerable. Our habitual reaction to insecurity fuels separation, and limits our capacity to live and love fully. These two talks explore the blessings of wisdom, love and freedom that naturally arise as, instead of resisting, we learn to open directly to the insecurity of impermanence.

Robert Rabbin – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Aug 6, 2015

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Robert was struck by a strong curiosity about life when he was 11, which propelled him into years of globe-trotting adventures. In 1973, Robert met Swami Muktananda and spent the next 10 years studying with him. Since 1985, Robert’s professional motto has been Have Mouth, Will Travel, and he is known as an iconoclastic self-awareness facilitator, speaker, leadership adviser, and mentor to people from all walks of life. He is currently available to lead “Conversations on the High Wire” and to present programs in “The 5 Principles of Authentic Living” and “Speaking Truthfully.”

Robert has published eight books and more than 250 articles on the themes of meditation, self-inquiry, leadership, authentic living and speaking, and spiritual activism. In the early 1990s, he wrote a pioneering column for The New Leaders executive newsletter entitled “The Corporate Mystic.” He contributed original essays to three leading-edge anthologies and was interviewed for The Awakening West, a collection of conversations with contemporary Western wisdom teachers.

His résumé of speaking engagements includes more than 350 of his distinctive inquiry-based seminars, and talks to such organizations as State of the World Forum, California Institute of Integral Studies, Institute of Noetic Sciences, International Conference on Enlightenment, Inner Directions Conference, and International Coach Federation.

In January of 2012, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told he had nine months to live. However, consistent with his contrarian nature , he is still alive and kicking it in Los Angeles.



Books: The 5 Principles of Authentic Living: How to Live an Authentic Life in 10 Words Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness Speak Truthfully: Speak Your Way to an Authentic Life with Awareness, Courage, and Confidence Invisible Leadership: Igniting the Soul at Work The Sacred Hub RealTime Speaking: YOU Are the Message! Radical Wisdom: Living from Silence while Rocking the World

Product Description
One day, I was taken by a stunning stillness, and without resistance I disappeared into Silence. It was more than an epiphany, more than grace, more than mystical union: It was my soul’s homecoming, my heart’s overflowing love, and my mind’s eternal peace. In the world of Silence, my twin questions – the ones that had grown within me as renegade cells – dissolved and disappeared. In Silence, I felt my core identity, my essential nature, as a unity-in-love with all existence. I experienced freedom clarity, and joy as being intrinsic qualities of my authentic self. I realized I lived in time and eternity. I was composed of physical matter and spiritual energy in equal measure. I was born in New York City at the same instant I appeared 20 billion years ago, unfathomably and impossibly far away, as a sibling to trillions of suns.

The Dance with Pain ~ Tara Brach

Published on Aug 5, 2015

“Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.” In this talk Tara explores the difference between pain and suffering and examines the most common, yet often unconscious, ways we resist pain. She then shares practices that help us find balance, equanimity and awakening in the midst.

Eckhart Tolle talks about Our Ecological Situation

Published on Aug 5, 2015

Eckhart Tolle answers the question, “How can we address our ecological situation?” For more information about THE POWER OF NOW visit

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