Consciousness Is Everything: The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism by Swami Shankarananda (Author)

Consciousness is the most intimate experience of life, the essence of life itself. Among the many spiritual traditions born and developed in India, one ancient philosophy – Kashmmir Shaivism – has expored it completely.

Until now, Kashmir Shaivism was an esoteric field accessible only to a few scholars and other specialists. Here for the first time, Swami Shankarananda, a self realised spiritual master, presents the wisdom of this powerful tradition in a form that is accessible, entertaining and inspiring.

Originally a literature professor from New York, it was a life-changing episode when a gun was held to his head that made Swamiji begin to question what life was really about. In 1970 he began a spiritual quest that led him to India, where he studied widely until finding his teacher, Baba Muktananda.

Today Swami Shankarananda is a leading meditation teacher and director of the Shiva School of Meditation in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of the ground breaking Consciousness Is Everything – a practical explanation of Kashmir Shaivism as well as other books incliding “Happy For No Good Reason” – an Australian best seller. His Self-inquiry meditation practices makes it easy for everyone to have an immediate and direct spiritual experience.

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Is everything Consciousness?

Swami Shankarananda’s best selling guide to Kashmir Shaivism is titled
Consciousness Is Everything
Here Swamiji explains what is meant by that.

Swami Shankarananda, Shiva School of Meditation and Yoga, Melbourne

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda, known as Swamiji, is the spiritual master of

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