How to Survive Surrender

Published on Sep 1, 2015

Excerpt from four-day immersion with Igor Kufayev in Holland, June 2015

MALA OF THE HEART 108 Sacred Poems

This collection of timeless poetry celebrates the eternal spiritual truth within each heart. Since ancient times, this hidden essence has been symbolized by the number 108. There are 108 earthly desires, 108 human feelings, 108 delusions, 108 beads in the traditional meditation mala, and 108 sacred poems in this anthology.

Filled with crystalline wisdom from the great poets, sages, saints, and mystics, this selection of poems is a collective expression of universal heart-filled wisdom. The poems span a wide range of cultures and civilizations — from India to Europe, Japan, and the Middle East — and each one offers a unique perspective about the path to awakening.

Some of the poems express belief in a higher being. Some convey instantaneous awakening. Others lead the reader down a disciplined path of contemplation.

Ordered according to a broad interpretation of the heart-centered chakra model, these remarkable poems guide the reader toward realization and offer timeless jewels of insight to spark awakening and enrich spiritual practice.

Ravi Nathwani
was born into a business family in East Africa and raised in India in the Vaishnav Hindu tradition, in which Hindu rituals were integrated into daily life from a very young age. He has become a modern-day messenger of a variety of Vedic studies through his lectures and workshops. Since 1998, Ravi has been teaching at Tufts University. He also teaches Wisdom Yoga and Buddhist meditation at JFK University in California. In the Bay Area, Ravi leads satsangs and meditation groups and teaches the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita in Yoga teacher trainings. Ravi has an MBA from Boston University and has lived in Bombay, Boston, and London.


Literature Book Review: Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems by Ravi Nathwani, Kate Vogt, Jack Kor…

This is the summary of Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems by Ravi Nathwani, Kate Vogt, Jack Kornfield.

Oneness Perceived: A Window Into Enlightenment by Jeffrey Eisen (Author)

Oneness Perceived is a sutra for our culture and our time. It conveys the viewpoint of enlightenment in a clear and systematic way. In the spirit of pure inquiry, the author develops a comprehensive theory of consciousness and uses it to illuminate religion, mysticism, science, and psychology. The book returns psychology to its earlier roots in phenomenology, taking introspective and subjective experience as the starting point and not as something to be discarded because it is “unscientific.”

DR. JEFF EISEN is psychological intuitive and enlightenment therapist as well as a philosopher, writer and educator. He has a PhD in Psychology and is certified in both Psychoanalysis and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He has been a Professor of Psychology at several universities and a publisher at CRM Books (Psychology Today). Eisen’s books include, Playing 20 Questions With God: A Cosmic, Self-Repair Manual, and Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment, among others. Dr. Eisen’s original system of clearing or unlearning is called PsychoNoetics. He practices and teaches in the larger context of Omnius, an integral transformational path. You can schedule phone sessions and sign up for workshops through the Omnius web site.


Dr. Jeff Eisen

The topic of this conversation was PsychoNoetics. Eisen writes on this website…

“With PsychoNoetic clearing it is now possible to not only gain insight into the shadow material of your ego, but to let it go, to completely disassemble it. It is now possible to release your memories, let go of your attachments, clear your emotions, deconstruct your belief systems, accept instead of deny and connect in love instead of separate in ego. In this way you can transform your personal hell into a universal heaven.”

Marianne Williamson’s Tribute to Wayne Dyer

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