Gary Evans – Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Age: Part One

Published on Sep 6, 2015

Gary Evans discusses the process of personal awakening. Although much used in the media today, the term ‘awakening’ can mean different things to different people. To some, the nebulous use of ‘awakening’ in New Age circles and the non-event that was 2012 have rendered the word almost meaningless. Beyond all this, however, it can represent something real. Many people are currently undergoing a shift in perspective that can affect everything from their personal lives to their entire worldview. Although often confusing and even traumatic, this shift can allow us to set aside the distractions and ephemera of everyday existence, ease the stress and strain of the lives society insists we should be living, and open up a space in which we can come to truly know ourselves. At this time of unparalleled chaos and upheaval, a profound change in how we see ourselves, others and the world at large offers the opportunity to forge a future very different from the one we currently face.

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