Caroline Myss: 1. “The Consciousness Movement” 2. Spiritual Growth : Finding Strength By Giving Up Control

Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the author of several best-selling books, including Sacred Contracts, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, and Anatomy of the Spirit. She is dedicated to creating educational programs in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, energy anatomy, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

Myss is a pioneer in educating the public on the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She holds degrees in journalism, theology, and intuition and energy medicine. Her work bridges our ancient understanding of the human energy system—the chakras—and current scientific study of how our thoughts influence our bodies and our lives. She penetrates a hidden world and shows where spiritual power really comes from, and how to bring it into our lives today for health, guidance, and transformation.

In 2003, Caroline Myss established CMED, an educational institute that offers programs on sacred contracts, energy anatomy, energy medicine, and mysticism. Myss also maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and continues a consultation practice as a medical intuitive with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health practitioners.

Spiritual Growth : Finding Strength By Giving Up Control

Spiritual growth and development comes from attaining inner peace. Caroline Myss, PhD explains how the meaningful and important events in our life are often out of our control. Finding spiritual meaning through spirituality and practice allows us to grow and heal. Patients can increase spiritual health if they can learn to accept the changes in life.

Caroline Myss – Going Deep: Using Archetypes to Explore Personal and Global Change

Mahamudra for the Modern World An Unprecedented Training Course in the Pinnacle Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism~ Reginald A. Ray

An Unprecedented Training Course on the Pinnacle Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism

What if you could learn the ultimate teachings of Tibetan Buddhism as they were meant to be received-guided every step of the way by an experienced master? This practice, known as Mahamudra or “The Great Revelation,” was once taught only to elite students in secluded monasteries and cloisters. Now renowned teacher Dr. Reginald Ray has created an unprecedented audio learning course to make this profoundly transformative path available to listeners everywhere with Mahamudra for the Modern World. Spanning 33 CDs and featuring meditations and insights never before available to a general audience, this extraordinary audio training includes:

  • A complete toolbox of body-based shamatha meditations to still the mind and set the foundation for exploring the immeasurable expanse of being
  • Vipashyana meditations that take you on a progressive path of inquiry into the nature of awareness itself
  • Innovative teachings on dismantling the klesas (difficult emotions) through heightening our experience of them
  • More than 40 guided meditations unfolded through a series of increasingly subtle and profound practices

Mahamudra is revered in Tibetan Buddhism as the most direct route to seeing the world in all its transcendent beauty, power, and perfection. With his gift for distilling esoteric teachings for today’s student, Dr. Ray has created a powerful training program for anyone seeking to engage in this life-altering journey, allowing us to discover this unsurpassed tradition for meeting ultimate reality-and awakening to the boundless freedom that is our fundamental nature.

The Awakened State with Reggie Ray

On this episode of our podcast Insights at the Edge, my dear friend Tami Simon speaks with Reggie Ray, gifted teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 40 years in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. I have been fortunate to know Reggie for 25 years, back from when he was my advisor in the Religious Studies department at the University of Colorado.

Here, Tami speaks with Reggie about the possibility of using modern methods for capturing the essence of student-to-teacher transmission, how glimpsing the awakened state fits in with the Mahamudra tradition of which Reggie is a part, and the notion of “three teachers”—a human teacher, life as a teacher, and the natural state itself as a teacher.

To learn more about Reggie and his work (including plenty of free audio teachings and meditations), please see

Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body by Reginald A. Ray PhD (Author)

What does it mean to “meditate with the body”? Until you answer this question, explains Reggie Ray, meditation may be no more than a mental gymnastic —something you can practice for years without fruitful results.

In Touching Enlightenment, the esteemed author of five books about Buddhist history and practice guides you back to the original practice of the Buddha: a systematic process that results in a profound awareness in your body rather than in your head.

Combining the scholarship that has earned him international renown with original insights from nearly four decades practicing and teaching meditation, Reggie Ray invites you to explore:

  • How to enter fully into communion with your embodied nature
  • The insights of Tibetan yoga, from guidance on breathing and working with discomfort to its challenge to modern practitioners on the path to realization
  • Why “rejected” experience becomes imprinted in the body —and how to receive it anew to reconstitute your human way of being
  • Karma of cause and karma of result —taking full responsibility for your life
  • Your three bodies—the physical, the interpersonal, and the cosmic

“To be awake, to be enlightened, is to be fully and completely embodied. To be fully embodied means to be at one with who we are, in every respect, including our physical being, our emotions, and the totality of our karmic situation,” writes Reggie Ray. In Touching Enlightenment, he offers you a map of unprecedented clarity and power for embarking on the journey toward ultimate realization in and through the body.

Reginald A. Ray, PhD, brings us four decades of study and intensive practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as well as a special gift for applying ancient wisdom to the problems, inspirations, and spiritual imperatives of modern people. He is the co-founder and spiritual director of Dharma Ocean Foundation, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the practice, study, and preservation of the teachings of Reggie’s teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and the practice lineage he embodied. See


Touching Enlightenment with the Body

Reggie Ray talks about this basic and profound emotion most of us take for granted or push away. Love is life.

Reggie Ray ‘Finding Realization In The Body’ Interview by Renate McNay

Published on Jul 12, 2015

Reggie Ray ‘Finding Realization In The Body’ Interview by Renate McNay

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