Enlightenment Made Simple: A Practical Guide to what Psychologists, Scientists, and Spiritual Masters say about the Nature of Reality by David Bognar (Author)

Enlightenment Made Simple is a concise and slightly irreverent synthesis of the basics of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psycho-spirituality. An expert researcher has summarized the prominent literature pertaining to the “big questions of life,” revealing the “secret” of enlightenment. Enlightenment Made Simple provides people with an understanding of their true nature, their power to create, and how, ultimately, there is nothing to fear.

Enlightenment Made Simple is the culmination of a lifelong research project into the “big questions” of life. Greek philosophers called this knowledge “theosophia” or “divine wisdom.” It has been referred to as “the perennial philosophy”, “the great tradition’, and “the wisdom of the ages.” Enlightenment Made Simple, explains this ancient wisdom, and the mechanics of emotions essential to spiritual and emotional well being. It includes critical psychological information missing from books like The Power of Now and The Secret needed to make those techniques work. Most importantly, Enlightenment Made Simple reveals the “secret” of enlightenment capable of providing release from fear, pain and suffering.

David Bognar is a researcher/writer who researched, wrote and produced the award winning documentary Cancer: Increasing Your Odds for Survival hosted by Walter Cronkite where he first presented leading edge research on mind/body medicine and spirituality. Enlightenment reports on the culmination of his life long quest and 40 years of research into the big questions of life, death and the nature of reality.

|Chapter One
Life is funny.
Quirky funny.

All this talk about reality being an illusion never made sense to me, until lately.

There’s a Buddhist version of the story of Adam and Eve about a man in an empty room—empty, except for an incredibly beautiful piece of sculpture. He spends all his free time in the room because the sculpture gives him profound pleasure and joy. One day, he thinks maybe if he had another sculpture he’d be even happier. So he buys another beautiful piece of sculpture and puts it in the room and it does make him happier…for awhile. So, he gets another one, thinking it will make him at least as happy as he was before. That worked too—for awhile. To make a long parable short, the room eventually became so crowded with exquisite and beautiful art that the man couldn’t experience the beauty of any one piece due to the distraction and clutter of the others. Eventually, he throws out all but the original and lives happily ever after.

This is a story about the universe and the creation of physical reality. Supposedly, once upon a time, before time, we were all one blissed-out energy field when some wise guy got the idea that maybe there’s something better and bingo: poverty, pollution, and politicians. It’s kind of like the human race got caught up in a bad dream and forgot it was dreaming. We keep coming back, lifetime after lifetime, trying to figure it out. We seem to know there’s something or someplace else and some of us are trying to get back there, or here, or wherever it is.
When I was a kid, everything was love. I mean everything. It was as if there was no boundary between the love in me and around me. Life was a wonderful flow of love, curiosity, playing, and learning. Then something happened. I’m not sure what, but that experience of profound love faded with time and eventually disappeared.

I wanted that experience of love again. It seemed natural, the way it was supposed to be. Somehow it was clear to me that the love I had felt was always there even if I couldn’t feel it. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew that the experience was somewhere inside me and available to all of us. Somehow I knew, without a doubt, that love was the only thing that really mattered. I decided I was going to have that love in my life. I decided I would find out how, and when I did I would share it with everyone who was willing to listen.

I studied psychology mostly. I started noticing remarkable correlations between science, eastern religions, physics, and parapsychology. After decades of reading, studying, workshops, seminars, psychics, mediums, egomaniacs, quacks, worse than quacks (quacks with followings), diets, vitamins, pyramids, ghosts, garlic, juices, ginseng, ions, isolation tanks, running, jumping, hanging upside down, breathing in strange and unusual ways, innumerable meditations, psychotherapies and spiritual schools, I finally reached my goal. I understood what the hell was going on. The basics, anyway. No big deal really. Turns out wiser guys then me had figured it out long ago. Anyone can if they want to. All the information is there. It may not all be in one place, but it’s there.

Crazy? Maybe, but I don’t think so. In fact, I think I’m going sane.

I want to share with you the essence of what I’ve learned. It’s pretty simple, really. The truth usually is. The only problem is that a lot of people have a hard time accepting the truth. Our brains like to complicate things, and sometimes things are not as they appear to be. That’s why most spiritual masters seldomly come right out and tell you the plain truth. No one would believe them. We’d laugh in their faces. “What do you mean physical reality is an illusion? I asked you about the nature of reality and you tell me it’s a holographic dream? Are you trying to be funny?”

It’s not hard to imagine why gurus became cryptic with their, “You figure it out” kind of answers.

The concept of god as a suped-up Santa with a white beard who knows when you’ve been bad and good never made sense to me. Logic, plus my unpleasant catholic associations with god as a cosmic-thought policeman ready to pulverize me for every adolescent male fantasy, created a negative knee-jerk reaction to the word “god.” The idea of hell—a place where you fry like bacon for eternity for a few measly sins (some of which were about as natural as breathing) didn’t appeal to me either. It didn’t fit the idea of an all-loving all-forgiving, omnipotent type guy.

Having decided god did not exist, I was determined to find out what did, if anything. Evolving from fish and monkeys seemed plausible. But what of all these inexplicable phenomenon: the Bermuda triangle, ESP, PSI, pyramids, precognitive dreams, astral projection, near death experiences, Edgar Cayce, and tofu hotdogs? What had caused those? Some seemed to have reasonable explanations while others did not. I hadn’t believed all of what I had read but some evidence was hard to deny. There were too many inexplicable events reported by rational people, including reputable scientists and researchers. There was so much evidence that a rational person couldn’t deny that something extraordinary was going on, something that traditional science cannot explain.

Like I said, life is funny.


Enlightenment Made Simple – Intro

Enlightenment Made Simple is a revolutionary and useful understanding of our true nature and the worlds we live in. It combines quantum mechanics with a fundamental missing ingredient — the psychology of spirituality. It reveals how to make popular spiritual techniques work and provides relief from fear and suffering. Enlightenment Made Simple is a truly remarkable field guide to emotional well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

Big Questions Part 1

Big Questions Part 2


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