The 7 Ahas of Highly Enlightened Souls: How to Free Yourself from All Forms of Stress by Mike George (Author)

The AHA moment, or the eureka experience, is a moment of profound insight into our own lives which we can all reach. It usually happens when we stop mentally struggling, when we’re open to new ways of seeing, and it can change your life and the lives of others.

In section one of this book, Mike George deals with seven myths about the stresses and problems of life, showing that we are responsible for ourselves. In section two he provides seven essential insights into your self, and in section three he gives seven moments of action and transformation.

In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – self-awareness, emotional/spiritual intelligence and continuous ‘unlearning’.

Mike is an author of twelve books on how to expand, deepen and fine-tune your self-awareness and thereby restore the true nature of your ‘being’ which is peaceful, loving and contented. He illustrates how you can never permanently lose your authentic self or your true nature, only block it, sabotage it and avoid it. Any moments of stress, suffering or sorrow, are symptoms of such a ‘temporary’ loss.

Mike talks, teaches and tutors across the world on topics such as self-management, emotional resilience, liberating leadership, difficult conversations and ‘continuous unlearning’.


Mike George: Meditation and transformation, avoiding anger, spiritual balance, and daily awareness

Mike George brings together emotional/spiritual intelligence, leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’. He facilitates awareness retreats worldwide as he mentors and coaches individuals on how to re-awaken their innate wisdom and restore their self mastery.

In his new book, The Immune System of the Soul, Mike George describes the healing process as he identifies the 12 main dis-eases that we all suffer from. He explains in a simple yet clear way what we all need to do to be a well and happy again.

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