How to Live in the Here and Now: A guide to Accelerated Enlightenment, unlocking the power of mindful awareness~ Paul Jones

In How to Live in the Here and Now, Paul Jones rescues enlightenment from the specialists, the superstitious and the pious and makes it available to everyone and anyone through a simple step by step process.

Enlightenment is not the learning experience itself, but the practice in everyday life of that learning. The creation of Accelerated Practical Enlightenment represents one of the largest developments in enlightenment technology since someone, somewhere, thousands of years ago decided to meditate. It is concerned with managing the human condition and will allow YOU to live happily and peacefully in an everyday context wherever you find yourself.

This book answers two simple question:
1. What is Enlightenment?
2. How can YOU become Enlightened quickly and permanently?

Paul Jones is a psychological adventurer, qualified psychologist and professional Hypnotherapist.

Look Inside

Author Information: Paul Jones; psychological adventurer, qualified psychologist, professional Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. He practices therapy in Manchester and by the time this book is on the shelves is no doubt traveling the world to give seminars and workshops on how to Live in the Here and Now.

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