Clare Blanchflower – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Oct 12, 2015

Clare originates from London, UK. After studies in Interior and Spatial Design she entered creative academic life and became an Associate Lecturer and Studio Leader in Conceptual Design at Chelsea College of Art – University of the Arts, London.

In 1994 she found herself in a 9 year journey with a chronic debilitating illness that led her deep within and into the practice of Sivananda Yoga and Meditation and eventually to Tibetan Medicine. She apprenticed in Tibetan medicine and spiritual philosophy for 5 years. Following this, she trained in Massage Therapy and Maya Abdominal Therapy and set up a healing practice for women.

In August 2007, she followed a soul call and immigrated to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where she continued her work with women—healing wombs, counselling and teaching feminine embodiment, yoga and meditation.

From a very early age Clare had a sense that she was part of something ‘greater’ that she could not quite see and her search for what was ‘missing’ started in earnest. Her ‘story’ was of a life committed to seeking – truth, love, meaning, purpose, contentment and freedom and through years of searching and some profound awakening experiences she found a degree of peace supported by a devoted spiritual practice.

In November 2012 during a satsang with Lorne and Lucia Hoff she experienced an awakening shift that changed her life beyond recognition. A shift out of identification with a separate self into unbounded present moment awareness.

Soon after she experienced two other clear shifts, revealing unity, God knowing, reality, totality and an indescribable supreme wordless peace beyond consciousness, nothingness. The embodiment and refinement of awakening and resting in the fullness of these realizations continues to unfold and evolve living as life itself.

Clare speaks from direct experience of the natural reality of Awakening.

She communicates from Self to Self, embracing human nature with graceful kindness while directly pointing to what is real and true. Clare invites you to rest in the silent stillness of natural Being and discover the wholeness that you are and have always been.

She writes poetry, facilitates Awakening Body – The Yoga of Presence and shares the joyful truth of Being in Satsang meetings and private sessions, classes and retreats.

She lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. She is available in person, by internet and travels by invitation.

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