The Naked Truth: Seven Keys for Experiencing Who You Are. A Practical Guide. by Karstein Bjastad (Author)

The Naked Truth takes the reader on a journey through key non-dualistic spiritual principles, culminating in the teaching of a powerful tool for achieving the goal of non-dualistic spirituality – the experience of your true self. It is written in straightforward everyday language and practical exercises are provided throughout the book to help the reader assimilate the information provided.

Karstein Bjastad
left his career with an American bank in the City of London of more than ten years to become a stay-at-home dad.
Following this bold move Karstein had his spiritual interests re-kindled. His spiritual quest led him to A Course in Miracles, which is a non-dualistic spiritual teaching.
The application of the A Course in Miracles teaching has become Karstein’s life passion, and one of his aims is to share his passion with others, largely through making available practical and easy-to-understand information about non-dualistic spirituality and how to achieve peace of mind.
Karstein connected with the inspiration for The Naked Truth and wrote the book while he lived in the US, and has since returned to his native Norway where he lives with his wife and two daughters.
Karstein’s website is

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Karstein Bjastad Talk ACIM with Dan Rosey

Karstein Bjastad talks about his new book The Naked Truth. It is a readable little book that introduces new ACIM students to Course concepts and includes exercises to anchor those concepts. As an experienced student, I found Karstein’s approach refreshing and insightful and useful. Enjoy!

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