Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration Two Souls Journeying to the Great Beyond By Tara O’Toole-Conn

Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration opens the door to connecting with your spirit truth. Whether this is your first journey of the soul or not, you will transform your thoughts about communicating through life, soul-to-soul, regardless of whether the soul is in the physical or in the spiritual realm. We all have a direct connection with the divine, and we can consciously choose to identify with the soul self of others before seeing the physical self. In seeing the soul self of others, you will be able to lovingly communicate their desires and fears with loving support.

“It is a time in history that is saying it’s time to appreciate the soulful connection we have to our loved ones in spirit. That is where we are as a collective, you know. We’re at that juncture in the human history where it is time to let go of the fear of the unknown, of the fear of death, the fear and uncertainty of what exists beyond this physical world that we can’t see with our physical eyes.” By the soul of Peter D. Conn.

Tara O’Toole-Conn was a social sciences and art major at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Florida International University. She began her career as a legal assistant with several prestigious Pittsburgh- and Philadelphia-based law firms. She is a former painter, ceramist, and sculptor. She takes pleasure in many music genres, theater, reading, and journaling. She has an ongoing passion for human and spiritual development; she is an Usui Reiki Master and a Pilates enthusiast.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tara now resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the widow and former caregiver for her beloved husband, Peter D. Conn. Although she had no former expertise in caregiving or the field of spiritual communications, it was the human, compromised suffering her husband remained in for years preceding his transition that brought her to the pages of Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration. Her immense gratitude goes to Peter for their spiritual and human experiences of the past decade as they journeyed a life through illness.

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Buried Treasures: The Journey From Where You Are to Who You Are by Guru Singh (Author)

Buried Treasures is the confluence of two great spiritual rivers that led to the fulfilling of the author’s destiny — a near death experience and the vision quests of an indigenous village of Mexico. Buried Treasures is the story of 3 years in the early adult life of Guru Singh (the book’s author). Gerry Pond (Guru Singh) was twenty years old when he died in a Seattle hospital from a ruptured appendix. This near-death-experience, and all that came with it, gave him the resolve to deliver on his dream of being a musician for freedom and peace in the musical revolution of the 1960’s.

The book follows the years that it took for him to get out of the Army Draft; land a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records; record and perform his music while living in San Francisco of the 1960’s; explore higher consciousness with an indigenous village in remote Mexico and find the path he is still on today. Buried Treasures is his journey, but also the journey that each of us must travel to get from where we are to who we are destined to become in our lives. We all have this story in us and each individual’s version of this story is the classic hero’s journey.

Guru Singh – born 1945, is a third-generation yogi and master teacher of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, mantra and ‘humanology’. His ancestry studied in India with spiritual masters in the early 20th century and brought this passion for consciousness into his home as a young child. He teaches a practical path to an enlightened household and success in life using these ancient technologies that are completely applicable in today’s world. This brings fulfillment into this busy world and he does this teaching with his wife Guruperkarma Kaur. He is also a musician, composer, author, and minister of Sikh Dharma based in Los Angeles, Seattle and India. He met Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini) in January of 1969 (exactly at the end of this book) and has been teaching this science throughout the world since 1970. He has also studied Eastern and Western music from the age of five, and his classes overflow with musical joy, singing and mantra. http://www.gurusingh.com


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