Miranda Macpherson – 1. The Practice of Ego Relaxation 2. Non-dual Awakening

Nondual Awakening with Miranda Macpherson

Nondual awakening is a matter of removing the obstacles that close us off from the depth of our own being. The practice of going in and through our direct experience to meet whatever we find naturally loosens and dissolves ego identifications.

The Truth of Who You Are: The Direct Path to Sacred Self-Knowledge by Gregory Bondi (Author)

“Worldly knowledge is an accumulation of learning and experience. One step logically leads to the next. The way to Self-Knowledge is a return and a letting go. Each step completely destroys the rung you used to get there.” ~ Gregory

The Truth of Who You Are
Self-knowledge is not about more, it is about much less. There is nothing to gain with Self-realization. From the perspective of ego, there is only everything to lose. What can be said about a path that is really no-path. The most a teacher can do is offer clear and helpful pointers to the Truth. This is the first publication in the foundation series for Fire and Emptiness. The Truth of Who You Are is designed as a practical self-guided introduction to the Direct Path and Self-Inquiry. Inspired by a more traditional approach to Advaita Vedanta, through presenting essential teachings, foundation practices, and inquiry exercises, it offers readers a chance to discover what is true, what is real, and gain a clear and lasting understanding of the entirely illusory nature of a separate “I” dentity

There is a deep mystery and an exquisite beauty to this path that is no-path. To awake fully into the sacred knowledge of Self, it is necessary to first lose the self. Entirely stripped down, often only then are we able to stand fully and completely in the awe of ‘seeing’ how every-thing was created from absolute no-thing.

From an early immersion into mystic traditions and years spent researching ancient religious beliefs, overtime the connections within all the different wisdom traditions and religious systems suddenly became much clearer – different pathways all attempting to describe One home. This was the small opening for the gradual and far greater understanding, knowing, and realization of what is really HERE. Dedicated to sharing clear and direct nondual teachings on Truth, Gregory Bondi wishes to help those who have a deep, sincere, and honest desire to find out Who They Are, and to live out that Truth with an equally deep commitment to integration and integrity.

Based in California, Gregory maintains the site Fire & Emptiness as an open invitation to engage with accessible nondual teachings. He offers Spiritual Mentoring explicitly for the direct exploration of Self, and Inquiry to Clarity Consulting to explore how Self is trying to express it-self through this one, precious, and unrepeatable life. For more information on courses, events, books, and sacred ‘Sat-song’ poetry, please visit http://www.fireandemptiness.com.

“All it takes is one small taste of Silence
and if asked, you would gladly shout ‘YES’ to this journey a hundred times over.”
~Gregory, from Songs of Silence

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Make A Clear Distinction Between Mind and Consciousness

Published on Nov 2, 2015

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