Multidimensional Evolution Personal Explorations of Consciousness ~ Kim McCaul

In Multidimensional Evolution, author Kim McCaul recounts his journey to Java seeking a technique to help calm the demons that had been troubling him for the previous two years and his subsequent realisation that those demons were not the product of his own mind, but were actually real non-physical people who had been pursuing him from a previous life. It then focuses on three of the teachers that guided the author through insights and experiences on his search for understanding: Pak Sujono, who ran a meditation centre in Indonesia; a housewife in England, who enjoyed remarkable psychic abilities and the capacity to significantly alter the energies of those around her, and Waldo Vieira a Brazilian consciousness researcher and psychic. Multidimensional Evolution encourages readers to experiment for themselves, have their own experiences, come to their own understandings and make the most of this current physical lifetime.
Kim McCaul is an anthropologist with a long-standing interest in consciousness research. For the past 17 years he has explored his own consciousness through meditation, energy work and out-of-body experiences. He studied with diverse teachers in Indonesia, Guatemala, England and Brazil and developed a deep understanding of the multidimensional constitution of human beings and many phenomena including clairvoyance, channeling, out-of-body experiences, life after death and spiritual healing. He is presently an instructor with the International Academy of Consciousness and runs regular workshops in his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, and in other cities across Australia.

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