The Evolving Human: A True Story of Awakened Kundalini by Penny Kelly (Author)

“First there was a distinct rumbling sound, then a roaring explosion, followed by a brilliant flash of light. I felt as though my body was turning inside out, ejecting me in the process. The explosion of light pulsed like a freight train up the center front of me, hit my brain, and kept right on going, carrying me into what looked like the depths of outer space…”

The Evolving Human is the compelling true story of one woman’s struggle with a sudden, spontaneous “awakening of kundalini,” the ancient Eastern term for a massive awakening of the powers of consciousness. From the surprising beginning, through the confusing, sometimes life-threatening events that unfold, to its profound conclusion, it becomes more and more clear that the awakening of consciousness is the entry into spiritual development. What is unexpected, however, is the fact that we are all designed and built to evolve in this way and that the evolution of human beings into truly spiritual creatures is a far more extensive and life-changing process than anyone may have suspected.

Penny Kelly holds a degree in Humanistic Studies from Wayne State University, is a Naturopathic Physician and is working toward a Ph.D. in Nutrition. She maintains a large spiritual counseling practice, and is co-owner of Lily Hill Farm and Learning Center in Lawton, Michigan.


From Pg. 10: “There was total silence and stillness, and I was peacefully afloat in an endless, timeless place of completeness. My ordinary sense of myself and the everyday world disappeared, and whatever was left of that self was floating like a brilliant point of light in a sky filled with other points of light.”

From Pg. 33-34: “Instantly the dream disappeared and, fully conscious but not in my body, I found myself in the bedroom on Jefferson Avenue, floating above the bed. I looked down fearfully at Ben and I, both sound asleep, and thought, ‘This can’t be happening! I’m not in my body again…oh no…this can’t be…’

“With this thought and mounting fear pushing me, I floated toward the ceiling and right on through it, noticing the dust, dirt, nails, and general construction of the house as I passed between the ceiling and the floor above. Continuing upward through the floor, I found myself standing in the empty, unusued, and unremodeled bedroom above the room that Ben and I shared. … Suddenly it was all too much. Refusing to return by merging back down through the floor into the bedroom below, I went screaming down the stairs, hysterically calling for my Grandma…I ran through the kitchen, half jumping, half floating over the large round table and four chairs, and into the bedroom where I rose over the bed and hung there for a moment.

“My physical body was now tossing wildly about, mumbling and crying. Absurdly, I hesitated to get too close to the waving arms, fearing I might get hit, but the terror was too great and, fully conscious, I merged into it at a pace that seemed to take forever. As the merging took place, my body began to toss and cry more violently and as soon as I was fully back in it, my screams for help and cries for Grandma went echoing through the darkened house, waking Ben and finally my physical self.”

From Pg. 41: “The summer and I hung in suspended animation. I was awake and in a state of conscious awareness around the clock. Even when I could hear myself breathing the slow, deep breaths of someone whose body was supposedly sound asleep, some ineffable part of me was wide awake, full of energy, and engaged in one reality or another, realities that were as vivid and intense as everyday living.”

From Pg. 93: “…I began to have a recurring dream that I was a tall, bronze woman with long black hair and a Polynesian or Hawaiian face. When the same woman appeared for the third time in a dream in which her feet were rooted in my right hip and her head was sitting on my right shoulder whispering in my ear, I began to take serious notice of her. When I had a fourth dream in which the tall, bronze woman told me that I had been herself in a former life, I began to experience long moments when I felt her presence. It was as if she was inside me, looking out through my eyes at the world I lived in.”

From Pg. 138: “For weeks afterward, I luxuriated in the triumph of my understanding. Finally I knew what kundalini was. It was a serious, even dramatic change in the range of frequencies that formed the basis of the electromagnetic – and therefore the electrochemical – operation of the body/mind system. I knew the signs, I had experienced the symptoms, and I had lived with the effects. it seemed truly a miracle not only that such a thing was possible, but that it had happened to me–and I had survived!”

From Pg. 179: “The problem with most people was that development did stop at that age (age 14) and this left most people with an adult body and a teenage mind. Thus, the reality we had constructed here had many of the flaws of a half-grown adult’s immature, unrealistic thinking. The huge majority of humans were suffering all the problems that went with what I came to think of as arrested development. Very few enjoyed the benefits that the later stages offered–the transcendent love, the expanded perceptual skills, the sense of meaning and purpose, the inner authority…”

From Pg. 215: “My abilities to see forward and backward in time had continued to expand and refine themselves. There had been a mushrooming of my ability to communicate with other forms of energy regardless of whether they were people, animals, trees, plants, insects, elves, devas, the wind, the rain, the deceased, or the unborn.”

From Pg. 223: “Sometimes when I look back, I ask myself, ‘If I could go from absolutely no psychic abilities to a reality-shattering array of psychic gifts that I did not even know existed, and if this could happen almost overnight, then are there any limits to personal evolution and self-development if we work at it in an ongoing, purposeful way?”

Penny Kelly – Preparing for Global Crisis

Published on Sep 18, 2015

In the last few weeks on the Honest-to-God Series, we spoke about Climate Change, Cosmic Waves, Drought and Financial Collapse. In this episode, Penny Kelly predicts an impending global financial crisis. We invited Penny Kelly to answer questions and give her advice on how to prepare for the approaching global financial collapse!. You might find some amazing and shocking answers here!…

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