One World Yogis: Deepak Chopra Introduction

Published on Jan 15, 2016

#ONEWORLDYOGIS is a series of yoga lessons hosted by #EddieStern and #DeepakChopra. You can watch Deepak’s full 20 minutes introduction or purchase all 18 lessons View Here

The sessions not only allow Eddie to teach you in a step-by-step process how to engage your body in a comprehensive exercise.. Deepak in addition provides genuine details on the effects of the exercise to the mind, body & soul.

Recent advances in the field of neuroplasticity & epigenetics have revealed that yoga & breathing exercise that go along with yoga and meditation, literally change the structure of the brain to optimize physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, and upgrades genes that involve in self regulation and healing while down regulating genes involved in inflammation.

Each ONE WORLD YOGIS lesson integrates the contextual philosophy as well as the health & wellness connection to the featured poses, allowing you to experience a richer impact to your overall wellbeing.

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