The Ocean of Now: How To Navigate The Unsure Waters Of These Challenging Times With Courage And Peace by David Ellzey (Author)

Whether living through life’s daily challenges financially, going through a divorce, wanting to be a more inspiring leader, or on a spiritual quest, this book offers insightful steps for how to live grounded in an unshakeable peace found only in the present moment. Through client success stories, heart-touching humor found in the most unlikely places like a cancer ward, and astute insight into the journey of awakening, Ellzey reveals how to unmask your unlimited nature beyond the past and future ~ found only in the boundless ocean of now.

Among many other insights, the book offers Five Keys for Unlocking Happiness and Success:

  • Be Hungry for The Joy of Living: Find simple things important to your heart.
  • Choose Your Life Team: Surround yourself with people who really see you.
  • Find Stillness Beyond Thinking: Know the quiet and vast nature or your being in which thoughts come and go.
  • Taste the Quantum Soup: A reference in physics to the infinite potential of now and how to live actualizing this potential.
  • Live Beyond War: Find the freedom of who you are without the battles within yourself and with others.

David Ellzey is a gifted teacher and healer, and he makes you laugh! David’s new book helps you to joyfully live in the moment, which is essential for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.” Christiane Northrup, M.D.,


Bestselling Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. The Ocean of Now is the limitless place and time that is the present moment. David Ellzey’s accessible writing style in this extraordinary book will inspire you to see how living from this moment can help you successfully navigate the everyday challenges of your life. You will learn why you are fully equipped, right now, to know success, love and a profound sense of who you truly are. Throughout the book David invites you to pause and guides you to experience the quiet and peace that is right here waiting for you ~ even as you read these words. David has a gift for helping you, the reader, feel that he is right there with you. He uses simple language, humor, and true stories of his clients and students who have powerfully walked through divorce, bankruptcy and more to find an unlimited sense of being. The Ocean of Now is one of those rare books with the magic to open the inner door of the reader to a new life of more peace and happiness.

David Ellzey: Total Health: Wholeness Here and Now. Standing in front of live blood cells, hear David share what can help you experience health and wholeness, here and now. This course was co-created with Maarten Klatte. M.D. to reveal the four pillars of radiance in body and being.

David Ellzey: Finding The Ultimate Source of Happiness

Riding his bicycle on the cobblestones of Holland, David navigates the normally imagined sources of happiness, to come upon the ultimate source of happiness.

A World Beyond Thinking – David Ellzey

Global Entertainer
After receiving standing ovations at the last few conferences, David is glad to be a part of this important event once more. Often called, “an alchemist of space”, David is a performer, humorist, and #1 best-selling author, who has inspired a quarter of a million people worldwide to laugh and uncover a boundless sense of being. At an early age, he studied how to create universes in space and silence through the ancient art form of pantomime under the teaching of a Kabbalah master. David is known for his side-splittingly funny physical performance skills, humorously enlightened characters, and astute commentary on this human journey of awakening. His new book, The Ocean of Now, focuses on the joy and potential awakening found only in the present moment, even as your eyes rest upon these words.

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