Liberation IS: The End of The Spiritual Path by Salvadore Poe (Author)

There are a thousand books that talk about spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and while you read them you may be inspired, you may be impressed with the wisdom of the author, but you don’t awaken, you just continue seeking. In this remarkable book, Salvadore Poe guides you step by step to awakening. Liberation IS is intended as a final push for those who are ready to be finished seeking. Through inquiries and experiments you are guided to recognize your free essential being, and to realize that you are whole and complete and lack nothing, exactly as you are now. When this is clearly seen and becomes doubtless, seeking ends naturally, by itself. As one person said who went through these inquiries, “Now, even if I find it hard to believe, all that seeking has completely lost any sense.”

Excerpt from the editor’s foreword, “I did the inquiry sessions, and they changed what I knew about myself, forever. After that, no more looking for teachers and retreats, no more spiritual seeking. Knowing who I am – essentially free, unborn, whole and complete – was all I needed to know. Sal, in the most direct and simple way, pointed out this essential truth from the beginning.” Lola Lozano

Excerpt from the preface. “This book is not intended as another spiritual book, of which there are already thousands. It is intended to help you to be finished seeking. And it is not intended as a means to transcend your humanity, but to embrace your humanity in total.” Salvadore Poe

The book includes Inquiries, Experiments, Questions and Answers, all intended for you, the reader, to come to know for yourself that you are now and always have been free.

Look Inside Salvadore Poe is a musician from New York, who in 1997 had a life changing experience that propelled him on several years of intensive self-inquiry. Traveling wherever he needed to go to meet teachers, and meeting many authentic ones, he eventually wound up living in India with two revered sages. In 2004, after years of meditation and countless mystical, transcendent experiences, he finally met his last teacher. Eight years later, while he was living an ordinary life making music in India, someone he met asked him to share and this work was born.

Awakening, Your Nature is Love

When we awaken to our true nature, or natural default human condition, we discover that we are free already. This freedom is all-inclusive, void of comparison, void of feelings of lack or incompleteness. This that we call liberation or enlightenment reveals that our true nature is natural love. It is as we were when we came out of the womb and is the same now. All spiritual seeking ends up here.

Unravelling the Idea of a Separate Self – Amoda Maa

Published on Feb 5, 2016

An intimate Satsang in Seattle, in which Amoda talks about unravelling the threads that weave our story and uphold a sense of separate self – recorded in December 2015. For more info about Amoda and her teaching go to

The First Mystical Law: There is only Now

The First Mystical Law: There is only Now

The heart of so many mystical disciplines is “Stay fully present.” Learn to keep your spirit fully in focus, so that you know where all of you is at all times. Such a profound truth is one that the mind cannot grasp, because the intellect cannot get this place called “now.” Only a soul can travel there. While it may sound easy to say, “Just detach and get on with your life,” there is nothing easy about it. Holding your consciousness in the present time is the equivalent of entering a different but parallel dimension of reality.

The need to settle our unfinished business with the past is far more than just a psychological or emotional healing ritual; it is also a deep need of the soul that affects our ability to heal. Simply put, holding on to the bitter parts of your past – recent or distant is like carrying credit card debt that incurs an every-increasing interest rate.

You can’t heal, because you are still more in the past than in the present; in effect, the past is more emotionally and psychically real to you than the now.

It is not that you forget your past. Being in the present more fully than in your past represents where you position your creative power and your primary identity. A time that has come and gone continues to overshadow the present moment.

From the broken heart comes a heart that can recognize and identify with the pain of others. A wound such as that must not be wasted or buried in self-pity, but brought into the light and examined, reflected upon, and used as a lens through which the lives others are better understood. Such a choice liberates you from the gravity field of a wounded past, which can hold you hostage to unresolved memories and traumas for decades. The consciousness of present time allows you to keep your memories, but they can no longer hold you hostage, and so they can no longer drain you of your energy, which inevitably drains you of your health.

The need to let others know you feel entitled to attention because of your pain and suffering is very seductive and releasing the entitlement of the suffering self is more a battle with the shadow of your own pride that it is with anyone else. None of this is easy, but neither is living in the past, which is the equivalent of living in a psychic cemetery where you confer with problematic corpses on a regular basis.

Here’s one simple method to help you stay in the present: Change your vocabulary. Specifically, give up the use of the following terms and all that they imply: blame, deserve, guilt, fair, fault. If you cut those five words from your vocabulary, both in your private thoughts and in your communication with others, you will notice almost immediately that it is far more difficult to fall into negative emotional patterns. You will also discover how habitual those patterns had become.

To live in the present, the practice of forgiveness is essential. Without forgiveness, you remain anchored in your past, forever in emotional debt.

~ Caroline

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