You’re Trying Too Hard: The Direct Path to What Already Is by Joey Lott (Author)

Working Hard to Become Spiritually Elite?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the path to enlightenment? Have you struggled with expensive meditation techniques and special diets, elite teachers, and all manner of other crazy notions just trying to one day, finally, awaken to complete freedom and total peace (perhaps with a hefty dose of bliss as well)?


In You’re Trying Too Hard, Joey Lott explains exactly that–you are trying too hard, and you will never achieve your goals precisely because you already ARE freedom. Stop trying everything under the sun to bring yourself to true enlightenment. Stop searching for wiser, more special teachers. Stop worrying about lineage and ego and diet and the self. Stop everything. Remain only with direct experience, and let true clarity at least reveal itself.

Clarity is the simplicity of being. Clarity is simply seeing what is, as it is.

“Look to direct experience right now. This is absolutely effortless. There is no trying required. Why? Because direct experience is unavoidable. It is what is happening.”

Are you ready? Read this book now, and set foot on the only path to so-called “enlightenment” you will ever need.

“The secret to happiness is to let go of everything – see through every assumption.”

Beginning at a young age Joey Lott experienced intensifying anxiety. For several decades he lived with restrictive eating disorders, obsessions, compulsions, and an inescapable fear. By the time he was 30 years old he was physically sick, emotionally volatile, and mentally obsessed with keeping any and all unwanted thoughts and experiences at bay.

At this time Lott was living on a futon mattress in a tiny cabin in the woods. He was so sick that he could barely move. He was deeply depressed and hopeless. All this despite doing all the “right” things such as years of meditation, yoga, various “perfect” diets, clean air, and pure water.

Just when things were at their most dire, a crack appeared in the conceptual world that had formerly been mistaken for reality. By peering into this crack and underneath all the assumptions that had been unquestioned up to that moment, Lott began a great undoing. The revelation of this undoing is that reality is utterly simple, ever-present, seamless, and indivisible.

Lott’s books provide a glimpse into the seamless, simple, and joyous nature of reality, offering a glimpse through the crack in conceptual worlds. Whether writing about the ultimate non-dual nature of reality, eating disorders, stress, disease, or any other subject, he offers the invitation to look at things differently, leaving behind the old, out-grown, painful limitations we have used to bind ourselves in suffering. And then, he welcomes you home to the effortless simplicity of yourself as you are.

Not sure where to begin? Pick up a copy of Lott’s most popular book, You’re Trying Too Hard, which strips away all the concepts that keep us searching for a greater, more spiritual, more peaceful life or self.


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I Am Here: Opening the Windows to Life and Beauty by Georgi Y. Johnson (Author)

Stepping within the mysteries of perception, we find three interwoven but separate powers of perception: consciousness, awareness and emptiness. Through developing and refining these powers we have the opportunity to enter new ways of living. Empowering, refining and exciting, this book is perfect to all seekers who until now believed that there was little to be found in the one that is seeking. Through these fascinating methods, we find we are able to be not just a human doing, not just a human being, but truly a human living.

Spiritual author and teacher Georgi (Georgina Yael Johnson) has been involved with healing, teaching and meditation for most of her life.

With a passion for going to the depths, Georgi is leading others into an exploration of perception and the realization of the windows of perception: consciousness, awareness & emptiness. Her devotion to this work comes from a keen awareness of inter-being and inherent unity.

Offered together with her partner Bart ten Berge, the inspiring I AM HERE teachings are presently guiding thousands into a process of grounded, spiritual reformation – allowing the manifestation of more peace, love and unity within the spectrum of human experience.

An Oxford graduate in Literature, Georgi presently lives in Israel with her seven children.


Georgi Y Johnson ‘I AM HERE’ ~ ConsciousTV

Published on Feb 12, 2016

Georgi Y Johnson ‘I AM HERE’ Interview by Renate McNay
Georgi teaches spirituality and offers Non Dual Therapy with her Partner Bart around the Globe.
She is the Author of “I AM HERE” “Opening the windows of life and beauty”. In this interview Georgi talks about her process of Awakening which led into writing this book and the teaching of I AM HERE. Her first conscious awakening was when she was 2 years old, lying on the bed and calling her own name, like a Mantra, Georgi, Georgi, Georgi, when suddenly she became strange to herself…”I was not me, not this name…so who was I”? Sporadic awakenings continued and she realised later that it was her conviction to understand the meaning of Life which she beautifully played out in her book “I AM HERE”. She talks about the three stages of her awakening which started from the head up, the heart was still held prisoner, later the heart was open to unconditional love yet the body was still held prisoner. She also explains the difference between Consciousness, Awareness and Emptiness….Enlightenment comes with the liberation of Awareness.

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