The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology By: Per Henrik Gullfoss

Where Are You Going?
The Astrological Key to It All

It seems like the two most important questions of life are “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” The answer to the first question is better left to the realm of religion. But the second question…well, it almost seems that just as soon as we answer it things come up in life and we ask it again and again. “Where am I going” may be the most important question we ask ourselves, but we have had little guidance to find the answer—until now.

Astrology can be a tool that guides us and directs us, but only when we take it from just the practical realm and move into more spiritual directions. It needs to not merely provide answers from the stars, but to inspire us to look to the stars and beyond—to enlightenment. That’s exactly what you’ll find in The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology by Per Henrik Gullfoss.

The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology is not a list of character strengths and flaws, but rather gives new life and vibrancy to the study of astrology. It’s perfect for beginners, as it will give you a fantastic and wonderful introduction to the real essence of astrology as humanity’s tool on its voyage towards awareness and awakening. It will give experienced astrologers a completely new and amazingly simple yet precise way of using astrology. Unlike other books on astrology, The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology will clearly show you how your birth chart indicates your spiritual and evolutionary journey during this life.

All the Basics, and So Much More!
The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology includes a complete and thorough discussion of all the basic parts of astrology from a spiritual and evolutional viewpoint. You’ll discover what your soul aches to experience and express on its early journey, the gifts and challenges for this lifetime, and what you must master to achieve enlightenment.

What sets this book apart from others is the way everything is explained. Just look how the signs are discussed:

Aries: Power of Joy
Taurus: Transformation Through Beauty
Gemini: Understanding of Wisdom
Cancer: Power of Love
Leo: Transformation Through Joy
Virgo: Understanding of Beauty
Libra: Power of Wisdom
Scorpio: Transformation Through Love
Sagittarius: Understanding of Joy
Capricorn: Power of Beauty
Aquarius: Transformation Through Wisdom
Pisces: Understanding of Love

You can easily see how concepts of power, transformation, and understanding cycle through ideas of joy, beauty, wisdom, and love. Each of these aspects is completely explored in this book. As you study, you will find that this book is thorough, well written, easy to understand, and at times even thought-provoking.

You’ll learn the meaning of each planet in each sign and see how it specifically relates to your birth chart. It specially focuses on your persona, your partnerships with others, your private life, and your professional life.

Get Out Your Pencils and Notebooks
You won’t just read The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology, you’ll study it, take notes, and refer to it often. Virtually every page will give you new insight into the very essence of who you are, along with your most opportune direction in life, a direction that will lead you on a path of greater spirituality and personal enlightenment.

The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology is truly that “breath of fresh air” on a subject that has become either “silly” to the debunkers or staid and dry to some practitioners. With this book astrology moves back to its true role of a spiritual science, helping followers master both time and themselves. The subjects here are as familiar but simultaneously unique. If you are new to astrology, it will show you just what astrology can really do and how it can help guide you on your spiritual path. If you are a professional, it will bring new life and direction to your readings…and to your own path in life.

Per Henrik Gullfoss is Norway’s most respected astrologer. Widely published in Europe, he is best known for his Norwegian bestseller Your Star Sign. He lectures throughout Scandinavia and runs Norway’s only astrological school, which he also founded.


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