THE BLIND LEADING THE BLONDE ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM: Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Junkie by Nurit Oren (Author)

This book is the story of my 40 years of intense spiritual seeking in several countries and with many teachers – the mistakes, the pitfalls and the elusive bliss along the way and, finally, spiritual finding when the truth is revealed! I hold nothing back. My entire life is packed into these pages.

Nurit Oren, CPCC, is a Canadian certified professional Co-Active coach, a certified Witz Management/Leadership trainer and certified Art of Transformation guide. She is also a published author and an award winning playwright. Over the past 20 years Nurit has helped countess individuals from all walks of life making life changing decisions from the heart by creating a safe space for inner wisdom and courage to guide them in the right direction and free them from being stuck in unwanted situations.

Having dedicated most of her life to the study of Yoga, meditation, spirituality and metaphysics, Nurit excels as a communication, behavior and spiritual consultant. Her background also includes public speaking, coaching speakers, and conducting self-development courses and seminars throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and Hungary.

Nurit Oren ‘The Blonde On The Rocky Road to Freedom’ Interview by Iain McNay

Published on Feb 20, 2016

Nurit Oren ‘The Blonde On The Rocky Road to Freedom’ Interview by Iain McNay
Author of ‘The Blind Leading The Blonde On The Road To Freedom.’ Nurit was born in Israel, her parents were atheist Jewish pioneers – in a Kibbutz where the kids lived separately – there was no family unit to relate to – was allowed to be wild/play naked. But all changed when family moved to Canada. In her late teens served in the Israeli army for two years where she was stationed in Gaza where it was very dangerous. One day she hitchhiked to the wailing wall in Jerusalem and stuck a piece of paper between the cracks saying ‘ I want to find true love, divine love, the love of God that is pure, unchanging and everlasting.’
Found books by Muktananda and went to live in his ashram in India where she was a dedicated disciple. There she got up at 3am every day – then meditation then chanting then work no breakfast, then chanting then lunch then work then more chanting then work, then dinner. There was no socialising at all. She had a kundalini awakening then decided to stay indefinitely.But Muktananda died.

Moved to Toronto, found a teacher called Dr Mills and stayed with him for 15 years. She had then been on a spiritual path for 40 years and still didn’t feel free.

Met Gabor Harsanyi , ‘It’s very simple. Look at me and feel your hand without looking at it. Notice that your mind will stop.’ When she did this something shifted inside her…she felt a very subtle sensation of wellness and peace. ‘Now I get it’ she realised ‘This is it….this is what I have been searching for.’

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