Della – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Feb 28, 2016

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Della had the good fortune of a life that many would have wanted to live. She grew up in a loving environment. She went to college. She started a family. She became a doctor and worked in emergency.

She wasn’t looking for anything. She didn’t have any spiritual beliefs. She was happy.

Then, in 2005, during a hypnosis session, she had what could be described as a near-death experience. Her heart was deeply touched by oneness and its unconditional love. Her life was turned upside down by this experience.

With this free and loving presence breathing inside of her, all of ” her ” identity was put into question. Gradually she had to surrender to the reality that we are One and that no label, belief or knowledge is needed for Being.


Imaginary Conversations

Published on Feb 27, 2016

Richard describes one of the key ways in which we avoid being present to ourselves and others. With the essential insight shared in this short video, you can change how your relate to everyone in your life.

Enlightenment: The Keys To Consciousness by Martyn Wilson (Author)

Based on his own experiences, Martyn tells it as it is. With no special qualifications or education, Martyn’s natural instinct for seeking answers led him down a path to an old discovery. The discovery that we all at some point question and seek. A discovery that we all put just out of reach. A discovery that seems to be impossible to attain. Or is it? This book is a guide, a perspective, his truth, his story. An ordinary guy with a normal life. Family, work and all the usual stresses, until he started to wake up and viewed life from a whole new level. Sharing his story from the everyday existence of 21st century living into 21st century being. In reading this book, Martyn wants you to realise your own truth and to wake up from the mass illusion of this reality. Enlightenment – the keys to consciousness” not only describes how Martyn experienced his awakening, but also gives you tools to enable you to grasp yours too, simple exercises for everyday use.

A Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master, specialising mainly in stress management, performance management and weight loss.

I am also an author of “Enlightenment: the keys to consciousness” and ‘How To Have It All; Playing The Game Of Life’. For many years I have studied human behaviour to discover how to get through life as comfortably and as stress free as possible. I believe that the only way to truly understand how to help others is to have experienced similar challenges yourself. Having been at the lowest ebb of poverty and distress, in serious debt and morbidly obese, I believe I am now qualified to help others.

Look Inside

Martyn Wilson ‘The State Of No Thought’ Interview by Iain McNay

Published on Feb 27, 2016

Author of ‘Enlightenment – The Keys To Consciousness.’ Martyn only talks from his own experience. He was an ordinary guy with a normal life; family, work and all the usual stresses. He met Maria who was interested in spiritual enlightenment and at first he was very sceptical of her interest. He set out to disprove that such a thing existed and worked hard to find faults in her arguments. But then ‘the impossible happened’ and he actually started to wake up himself. He found a method that stilled his mind, and his thoughts would stop for few seconds.

He persevered and in time those few seconds became a few minutes. He then found he could stop all uncontrolled thoughts and was in control of his mind. What had been his master became his servant. He talks us through his story and shares the method that he found worked for him as a meditation.

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