Harnessing Heaven How One Reluctant Wall-Streeter Tapped the Power of the Hereafter by Clifford Michaels

Harnessing Heaven is about tapping into the power of Heaven enabling you to embrace a process of self-discovery. You will be able to follow the same steps the author has to awaken and pursue the path of a closer relationship with the heavenly realm.

Now, introducing the Seven Principles for clarifying your life purpose; the material combine’s guidance from Heaven with lessons to enable us to discover our own path in life. These lessons along with insights from the authors own spiritual awakening provide wisdom and a road map for humanity.

The book contains many answers to life’s riddles as well as a methodology for the reader to embark on his or her own personal development to take on their own challenges in life. The writing is candid and direct with a purpose to every word within its pages.

Harnessing Heaven
addresses issues that divide us such as abortion and global warming as well as the reasons for existence in creativity, love and the infinite development of knowledge for people here as well as those residing in Heaven. As we learn they learn and it is a never ending cycle. We are all connected whether we think so or not…

It is important to emphasize that everything you do in this life counts for something. Everything you say in the spoken word affects others. Everything you think affects you. You matter.

Clifford Michaels works in New York City as an investment adviser and financial planner. You can find him online at http://www.conservativeadvice.com/.

His thirty years on Wall Street led him to become the president of the Financial Planning Association of New York. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and PBS 13, and has contributed to articles that have appeared in Money Magazine, Smart Money, Newsday, the Wall Street Digest, Bloomberg Business, and the Dow Jones Newswire.

Clifford has taught financial topics as adult education at St. John’s University and at Baruch College. He holds a BS from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

With a foot in two worlds, so to speak, Clifford can help transmit light—either energy for healing or words for communication—from the other side, bringing comfort and healing to others. His desire is to raise humanity’s awareness to the true existence of who they are, which will aid in bringing peace among all people. In addition to his spiritual writing, he also teaches metaphysics.

Clifford can be reached at CliffordMichaels@HarnessingHeaven.com.

The open mind is a humble mind and one that leaves room for expansion of new ideas. This in turn leaves room for creativity and wonder, which is the engine for evolution.


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