The Afterlife is Real by Theresa Cheung

The Afterlife is Real is the latest book from much-loved paranormal expert, Theresa Cheung, and is a captivating collection of true stories from people who have glimpsed the next life. Using as evidence first-hand accounts from ordinary people whose lives have been transformed by near death experiences and/or contact with the other side, Theresa will answer the big questions that everyone asks at some point in their lives whether or not they are religious/spiritual:

* What happens when we die?
* Will we ever see our loved ones again?
* Is there an afterlife?
* Is there a heaven?

Its aim is to empower readers with the knowledge that there are answers, hope and life in the midst of confusion, uncertainty and death. Theresa instructs readers in how to look for signs of spirit communication and how near death experiences can inspire and transform lives. It is a powerful and comforting reminder that there is more waiting for us than we see in the here and now.

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists and has been involved in the research of psychic phenomena for over twenty-five years. She has a master’s degree from King’s College, Cambridge, and has written a variety of books about the paranormal including the Sunday Times bestsellers An Angel Called My Name and An Angel Healed Me. She lives with her husband and two children in Oxford.

Theresa Cheung on Finding Heaven

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. She has been involved in the research of psychic phenomena for over twenty-five years. A professional writer and journalist, she is the author of a number of bestselling books including An Angel Called My Name and An Angel Healed Me. She considers herself to be an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.

How to Find Heaven brings the age-old search for the meaning of life right up to date with advice on how to recognise the presence of spirits in everyday life and unlock the divine messages they are constantly sending us. The book takes the theme of a journey, presenting the search for heaven like the search for a hidden treasure – easier to discover if you have the right map.It can be used for strength, guidance and encouragement whenever you feel the need of comfort, hope and love; whenever you need reminding that heaven exists and you can find it anytime you want, right here and right now.

Soul Breathing Spiritual Light and the Art of Self-Mastery by Carrie L’Esperance

An exploration of the multidimensional interplay between body, mind, and spirit

• Identifies the frequencies that support life and the dissonant frequencies incompatible with life, such as the imbalances of EMFs

• Explains how to cultivate higher consciousness by building a strong light body

• Includes techniques and exercises for psychic cleansing, physical and emotional detox, chakra and aura strengthening, and oracular dreaming

Civilization has reached a critical threshold in time unlike any other. Whether life continues to evolve or devolve depends upon our ability to reach higher states of consciousness en masse. This requires calling upon the transformative power of the soul–a power not handed to us, but earned. We are living proof that the physical and spiritual realms of existence work together in unity. Yet for many of us our natural soul light and inner spiritual intuition are suppressed due to the distractions of day-to-day living and the electromagnetic pollution of our screen-filled technological world.

In this exploration of the multidimensional interplay between the body, mind, and spirit, Carrie L’Esperance reveals how we can restore the flow of spiritual light in everyday living through the art of self-mastery. She explains how technology has severely reduced humanity’s natural abilities and spiritual power. She shows how EMFs and wi-fi toast our energetic bodily systems and suppress our immune systems, blocking the ethereal frequencies of light and suppressing our creative intuition and higher powers. Detailing the spiritual bio-geometry of light and the holographic principle, she explores how the cells of our bodies receive light’s deeper vibratory frequencies to support conscious evolution and soul development as well as explaining near-death and out-of-body experiences. She identifies the dissonant energies that endanger mind/body health and reveals new advances in brain science that allow us to transcend the malign influences that hamper human evolution. She provides exercises and techniques for spiritual alignment and receptivity, including psychic cleansing, physical and emotional detox, chakra and aura strengthening, and oracular dreaming.

Preparing us for the new cosmology and the greater community of worlds that is being revealed, L’Esperance shows that when we are properly connected with our soul’s intelligence and cultivate the reception of higher frequencies of consciousness, then we are able to soul breathe, to absorb more pranic energy, the electromagnetic force and cosmic radiation that is the sustaining element of all life and consciousness.

Carrie L’Esperance has spent more than 25 years studying the healing systems of the world’s cultures. A certified iridologist and former gourmet food professional, the author now specializes in helping clients discover the individual nutritional requirements that will allow them to feel and function at their best. She lives in San Francisco.


Chapter 5

The Alchemy of Destiny

One definition of Alchemy is the knowledge of how to keep all things in life in creative balance through transmutation. That which we aspire toward must be undertaken with a quiet passion day by day. Willpower and ardent desire to align with Spirit combined with persistence is the starting point of self-mastery. It is important to establish that all things do not contain Spirit. Some things are void of Spirit. No experience that influences us through higher spiritual forces can be harmful.

There is a silent and supportive power that aligns with those who do not lose hope in the face of discouragement. Conversely, the presence of destructive emotions will generate a dissonant frequency that destroys one’s sense of justice and fairness if not controlled through the chemistry of the mind. Thought backed by a strong desire tends to transmute itself into its physical equivalent.


Distraction is a pre-eminent condition of the age that many people struggle with. It is reasonable to enjoy a certain amount of distraction in one’s life. However, addiction to distraction creates an obstruction to the deeper self. It is a form of self-avoidance and a denial of how one is really feeling about life. It is difficult to enjoy a moment of peaceful insight when there is a defending and impenetrable wall of distraction driven by an erratic state of mind. If we cultivate the courage to simply be with the experience, however unpleasant . . . it enhances the clarity and deeper understanding of life’s lessons in a constructive manner.

Some people are so accustomed to noise and distraction that the subtle path of the Soul goes unnoticed. It is possible to become addicted to stress and the need to fill each day with methodical busyness and empty moments. Regular peaceful interludes sharpen and balance the mind as well as maintain flexibility in one’s perceptions, so it is imperative to avoid the things that hold you back and waste your life energy. The power of spiritual insight is what gives people strength in challenging times, and even though our thoughts and emotions may become contaminated, we can heal ourselves. Time, energy, and attention are necessary for learning greater things if we are to escape the shadow of these times and mend our world.

When people feel afraid to be alone, they are not connected to their Soul–to who they really are, which is an extraordinary spiritual being creatively expressing in a temporal world. Taking the time to be with the deeper awareness of who we really are and what we are feeling is a form of self-realization. Self-realization establishes what action we must take. Is there something in our awareness that is recurring and attempting to get our attention in the silence beyond the distraction? Without this deeper connection, life tilts toward becoming more chaotic and self-destructive.

When people are afraid to feel, it is because the personal mind is not engaged with the Spiritual Mind. Honoring and implementing our spirituality assists us in surmounting the difficulties and challenges of life. In a material world we can become disillusioned by the overwhelming array of things to do, places to go, and people to see. The hand held digital devices that people are obsessed with, also attempt to capture minds and sway attentions away from the deeper processes of thought.

Amidst our distractions can we rescue a world in decline? If our obsession with distraction and technology surpasses our quest for spiritual evolution, the demand for materialistic possessions will be all consuming. How will we balance busyness with quietness and sustained concentration? Will productivity prove to be constructive or destructive? Do our activities propel us toward spiritual advancement or do they hinder our progress?

In an increasingly technological society, people are becoming less aware of the interior energies that move them from Light to dark and dark to Light, and so deciphering these energies is an exercise in selfawareness. It is you who is in command of your own thought processes. No one else can do this for you.


When we are aware of weak areas in our thoughts, words, and deeds, it is necessary to conquer all adverse frequencies through strengthening Spiritual Power. The ability to bring forth Divine Principle pays great dividends. Daily deep reflection will help pinpoint adverse emotions and in turn will assist the process of reversing the negative effects. Centering conscious awareness upon one’s deeper spiritual union, thanksgiving, gratitude, and constructive thoughts will support the greater purpose, talents, and journey of the accomplished individual.

It takes patience and perseverance to clear the field of consciousness of useless weeds that are difficult to uproot. Yet, when the field of consciousness is reseeded, the indestructible Soul, hidden within the perishable Earthly body sprouts forth, yielding the fruits of more meaningful activities, fulfillment, and the sensation of being profoundly touched deep inside. It is liberation through harmonization of the mental processes with the power of Spirit. The essence of this harmonization is produced electromagnetically.

Thoughts that generate a pulsed electromagnetic field producing electricity or vitality create a magnetic resonance of Light. When the brain’s pulsed frequency matches the tissues and organs of the body, and when they are in resonance, there is an enhancement of molecular action, which is a catalyst for health and wellbeing. Spiritual guidance reveals itself when the individual is open and ready to align with the higher purpose of connecting with it, and the natural flow of communication that manifests through the inner being is enhanced.

Conversely, the downward spiral of sickness and disease is also greatly affected by one’s vibratory level. Centering conscious awareness helps to illustrate how the spiral is a living thread that can lead us to different levels of vision and energy. Spiritual attainment has purpose when it is grounded in matter, in who we are, and what we work toward, or away from, in a conscious manner.

Eckhart Tolle Interviews Awaken About Awakening

This interview took place in front of 650 people at a retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng in Norway in September 2015.

David Welch: Thank you Eckhart.

Eckhart Tolle: Yes.

: How would you describe the process of Awakening and would you share a few personal stories about the ups and downs of your own Awakening?

Eckhart: In the case with me, the suffering became so intense I couldn’t stand it any more. I couldn’t stand myself any more. On some level it must have been a realization that I was generating the suffering. I didn’t really consciously know that but I could not live with myself any more.

People who have gone through a lot, who have a lot of internal suffering, are often the people who most desperately need to awaken. And, if you most desperately need to awaken that’s a wonderful motivation. You can’t stand the pain any more.

The Awakening itself was a thing that happened and unlike for most people it happened and then was never completely lost after that.

However, the integration, because there is a personality here, there is the Awakening and then for a while the personality continues almost as before, it has the same goals as before. There was no understanding, what so ever, about what Awakening meant. I didn’t even call it Awakening. I didn’t have a name on it. So it took years to understand what had happened and it took years for it to fully take hold of my life. So it was no longer engaged in activities that were not compatible with awakening for example.

I just started doing a PHD before when the Awakening happened. A few months later I started graduate work. Not knowing that was no longer my path. There was a momentum in my life that carried me onwards to the next thing. And the novelty of being at this university that everyone wants to get into and… it was nice. I enjoyed the experience of it. It was peaceful. After a year or two, I noticed a dissonance between the world I found myself in and my inner being. And that dissonance grew and grew. And another year past and suddenly I could no longer be there. The place that everybody says you should get there. And one day I had to walk out.

But that took three years for this to fully come into my life… So after that comes the period of being seemingly lost. The world… nothing to hang on to anymore, and then the period of sitting on park benches and being in a state of bliss and peace. But I was not very effective anymore as a person. Temporarily losing the ability to pursue goals. There was no goal. What for? There was no ambition or goal. And then the next step was the beginning of the teaching period.

First… The first time someone sat on a bench next to me and asked me a question about life. Problems. And I gave an answer and what I said I didn’t know I knew. It came out of presence. Then they asked me, ‘can I see you again’. And then I became a spiritual teacher. I didn’t know it at the time but that is how it happened. That is the story, a gradual integration, an understanding that took years. And the understanding of it is inseparable from being asked questions from people. Because only by asking questions did the answers get pulled out of me. If I hadn’t had questions asked I wouldn’t have known anything.

Eckhart Tolle: And what about you, David? Your Awakening?

First, I’m fundamentally committed to living in the present moment.

Eckhart: Yes.

David: I live in the here and now. I am the individual conscious awareness that is present in this moment. I am the individual wave of consciousness on the ocean of Infinite Eternal pure consciousness. At the deepest level, I, as the individual wave and the ocean are one, I am Presence, I am the entire ocean, I am Oneness.

Eckhart: Yes.

David: The breathing body is one of the keys to awakening. The body is the Temple that I temporarily live in. I spend an hour and half every morning doing Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Qigong which is a process that by focusing on my breathing body, by controlling the breath, stretching into and strengthening my body I deepen into the present moment.

: Yes.

David: The postures are designed to be difficult and the body, mind and ego all try and pull me out of the present moment and presence. The body hurts, the mind tries to drag me into the past or future, the ego whines about how difficult it is and why don’t I take a break. And I as pure desire, will and awareness arise in silence and stillness and because I am pure awareness I never give in and I have developed a certainty about who and what I am. I am the consciousness in this present moment. When I am awake I am no longer lost in the mind, lost in the remembered and imagined past and or the imagined future.

My breathing body is standing here. I am aware of you on the stage. I feel the vastness of this room, the stillness, the quite, and the collective consciousness and presence of us all.

Thank You Eckhart.

Eckhart: Thank you David.

David Welch is the founder and CEO of Awaken Global Media and Chief Editor of He is the Producer of the award winning movie “Peaceful Warrior.” David is a master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and has a continuous, committed and daily yoga, meditation and Qigong practice.
Source: AWAKEN

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