The Transformative Power of Beauty ~ Igor Kufayev

Published on Apr 19, 2016

In the myriad of ways to realize our essential nature the way of Beauty is perhaps the least obvious, yet most mysterious. The sense of beauty is not an aesthetic concept or sentimental
feeling but a powerful throb within consciousness, a reflection of its own magnificence. Although some traditions dismiss creativity as nothing but volitional activity and therefore causal in its nature, if we are opened to another possibility we might uncover the inner artist and the very reason behind existence. Extreme sensitivity to beauty–with harmony as underlying structure of all formations–stupefies the mind of its entanglement in dual structure of the brain, even if momentarily, giving one direct and palpable experience of unity amidst diversity. This, when cultured enough
and brought to the level of one-pointed recognition – from cathartic experiences in the arts of various forms, to most mundane of encounters in daily life – culminates in a highest state
of Aesthetic Rapture. At once, an outpouring of creative impulses and bathing in the light of one’s own self-recognition. This is an invitation to re-evaluate the nature of experience and to reclaim your divine status. The only quest here is in beholding life awakening through you as existence itself. This is the Path of Beauty…

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