Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers – Richard Sylvester

Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers is an organic, interactive exploration of non-duality—the understanding that in life there is no separation, only seamless Oneness. Structured around reader questions, this book invites you to participate in the argument for nonseparation, inquire about the nature of the self and the experience of liberation, and understand how non-dual awareness can impact your life. With this work, frustrated spiritual seekers will gain clarity on what non-duality is—and what it isn’t.

Since time immemorial, key questions about the nature of existence have nagged at our consciousness: What am I? Why am I here? What is this anyway? And for years, non-duality author, humanistic psychologist, and therapist Richard Sylvester received questions like these, along with deeply personal inquiries on non-duality and intimate spiritual experiences, from people seeking honest answers. Now those questions and responses are available to you.

You may have sought answers to these fundamental inquiries in religion, solitude, the company of family and friends, or conversations with gurus, priests, and philosophers. Even so, you may be living with lingering doubts about what you’ve been conditioned to believe, feeling “lost on the path” or otherwise frustrated with organized religion or the indirectness and prescriptiveness of spiritual teachings. With Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers, you’ll find that self-inquiry can help you end the cycle of inadequacy and searching—that liberation through non-dual awareness is possible—and that no query is too ridiculous or big for the discussion at hand.

Designed to answer questions as they arise, this book sheds spirituality and non-duality of its vague and amorphous prescriptions. With a unique blend of patience, compassion, respect, provocation, and humor, Sylvester shows that we are all united in our worrying and striving, and gives you a glimpse of the Oneness that is so hard to describe but is so easily felt.

About the Author

Richard Sylvester is a humanistic psychologist, therapist, and lecturer. For thirty years he engaged with a variety of spiritual practices while also training in psychotherapeutic techniques and teaching counseling.

Richard Sylvester: Nothing Can Be Known

This interview was done by Andreas Hegewald aka ANdy with Richard Sylvester in May 2014. It was filming Dustin Bauer.
(Jetzt-TV, Richard Sylvester, Interview01).
It can be directly seen that there is no self; metaphor of the managing director; seeing through the so called “self”; no one was ever controlling anything; neuro-scientists are confirming this; the metaphors of night time dreams and cinemas; often reports of laughter when this is seen through; the seeker is looking for things to do, is desperate to find; the concept of liberation; the practice of self enquiry is questionable; the energy of contraction of self enquiry; no person; practicing is irrelevant; no interest in the mass effects; Simon Harris’s book about on free will; the person is not thee; the mind finds the concept of non-duality extremely frustrating; the feeling of “something is missing”; we have to lose our self; no rules of awakening; awakening as a sudden seeing of emptiness; not understanding what happened; after the flash there is despair — but a big relief; relaxation is the great blessing; there is experience but there is no experiencer; there is just this; awareness is a tricky word; the absolutely obvious is that phenomena are happening; energy and consciousness are happening; seeing the fullness is the absolute end of searching; seeing everything is nothing and the end of stupidity; everything is love; mind is not getting this; mind will be seeking always; there are cases where no separation was active at any stage (e.g. J. Krishnamurti); the glimpse of emptiness; the virtue of laziness; there is no method but if there would a method it would be to relax; in eternity the concept of time arises; the mind lives in time; awareness is everywhere; there is not any everywhere; no words to describe the indescribable; cause and effect just happen; awakening to the dream; the reality of the dream; the illusion of dream; even the mind will lose interest in knowing; the mystics know that nothing can be known.

Alan Watts~ Nature of Consciousness!

Centering on a Body Sensation ~ Richard Moss


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