The body is a miraculous storage vessel which carries within all of life’s traumas and joys as well as the myriad experiences in between that define our lives. It remembers everything even when we don’t. And, through our resulting relationships, choices and even our pain, disease and unhappiness, those held memories are expressed.
Spontaneous Transformation is a unique, therapeutic system of healing that has liberated thousands from their past, opening the doors to greater levels of wealth, freedom, health, joy and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within.

Real stories from clients who address some of the most common pain points are shared, including:
* Dealing with an abusive partner
* Transforming fear
* Finding forgiveness
* Resolving family issues
* Healing back pain and other ailments
* Finding hope
* Living abundantly

This book will take you on a journey to freedom in seven easy steps, guiding you to release your past and create the future you truly want and deserve.

For 25 years, Jennifer McLean has served as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, guiding thousands to transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance.
Growing up in an alcoholic family and having survived years of middle school bullying, childhood sexual abuse, and cancer, Jennifer has used her life challenges as opportunities and gifts to become an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Edge Pusher and Transformational Change Agent.

She has established and implemented an innovative formula for success and wellbeing the Spontaneous Transformation system of healing. This proven technique has helped thousands of individuals shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate themselves from various ailments and heartaches.

Producing and hosting one of the largest and free, online transformational workshop series, which has attracted a global audience of over 700,000, her Healing With The Masters program has made her a force in the human potential / personal transformation movement.
Jennifer lives in Dana Point, California

Matt Riemann with Jennifer McLean and her new Spontaneous Transformation Book!