Sitting at the Open Door of the Heart by John M. Grenafege (Author)

“Every moment is an opportunity, every moment is an invitation from Parabrahman. The opportunity that is being presented is to know the Self… there is no other reason to be here.”

This book is a collection of timeless teachings from Advaita teacher John Grenafege of San Francisco, CA. The book’s chapters are taken directly from his Satsangs, and also include two of his writings.

John’s message does not differ from that of Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) or other well-known Sages, but he does present it in his own unique way that keeps the serious spiritual seeker ‘looking’ in the right direction.

In this book, we are clearly reminded that if we wish to awaken in this lifetime, the commitment to knowing the truth has to be the highest. After awakening, which is truly the beginning, if one’s attention remains firmly planted in presence, pure consciousness, the I Am will naturally dissolve, evaporate, revealing what is prior to consciousness, in what is called Realization.

Each chapter begins with a pointer for reflection and meditation. It is a book that can be picked up and opened at any point for reading and contemplating the message within that chapter.

Pointer from the chapter You Don’t Have to Suffer: “It’s a dream of a thing called enlightenment. The more narrow one’s focus as believing in a body, in a world, in a someone — the more suffering. What if none of this existed?”

In addition to pointers, this book contains a number of black and white photos taken of the beautiful murals and artwork of Erin Tajime Castelan.

It is recognized that, as with all spiritual books, this book may make absolutely no sense to some, and yet be the ‘key’ for another. It is John’s wish that it be the key for you.

From the back cover: “My deepest wish is for you to realize the Truth of your Being. Know that the search and the one who searches are imaginary. When the mind is still, you are on the threshold. Abide there until The Only reveals and the imaginary evaporates.”

This is a book to be kept and savoured, for each reading brings a new depth of understanding, even after one has awakened.


Dweller on the Threshold
All Language is Metaphor
The Mystery of This!
The Self is Idle and Unitary
The Absolute is No
The Unreal is Created With Language
The I-Thought Belongs to No One
The Knower and Known Arise as One, Not Two
You Don’t Have to Suffer
It’s a Dream
Don’t Be Afraid
How Does One, Speak to One?
Advaita – One Substance, Not Two
Life is Living You
The Mind Likes to Label
I Am-ness is the First Illusion
Bitten By A Scorpion
Let’s Unravel This!
No ‘Thing’ Will Bring Relief
Let It Go!
Consciousness Moves as a Whole
One Dreamer, Many Apparent Bodies
Freedom is Beyond All Experiences
Let It All Blow Away
Everything Goes
It’s So Close That We Miss It
Addicted to the Illusion
The Ocean of The Absolute
We Are Wonderful Mirages – A Ray of the Absolute
You’re Ready to Know
How Can One Find What Has Not Been Lost?

nirgun john was born John M. Grenafege. The name “nirgun” means ‘without attributes’, and was given to John by his students. John began his spiritual search at age 16 after he was given the book “Be Here Now” by his older brother. At age 19, he spent a brief period with Transcendental Meditation (TM). In the following years, he learned many other meditation techniques from various teachers.

John later took a monthly correspondence course from Siddha Yoga. As Muktananda had passed, John was initiated by Gurumayi, whom he still loves and honors as his Guru. This initiation gave his practice a new momentum, and shortly afterwards he discovered the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, whom he also considers his Guru.

Following his Awakening, nirgun john spent four years in silent meditation until Realization. A small group of friends then convinced him to start holding public Satsangs. nirgun john does not affiliate himself with any particular group or religion, but instead he transmits spontaneously to anyone open to receive.

nirgun john currently lives in San Francisco, where he has formed ‘A Bridge to Awareness’. nirgun john welcomes online and personal meetings with all spiritual seekers. All are welcome to attend the free online Satsangs he offers through this website.


nirgun john – The Divine Spark Is In You … It Just Needs To Be Lit

To join nirgun john, a.k.a. John Grenafege in a free online Satsang, please visit

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