Just as cars have a GPS that helps us get where we want to go, so do our bodies and souls. Too often, we ignore the life-directional system we were each born with, what Zen Cryar DeBrucke calls our Internal Guidance System (IGS). This book simply and easily teaches you how to tune in to this guidance, a system that wants you to be happy, successful, and stress-free. You’ll discover how you can leave painful memories behind, abandon destructive relationship patterns, follow the best course of action in every situation, and learn to experience the life-changing guidance you were born to follow.

Entrepreneur and teacher Zen Cryar DeBrucke is a coach to a wide variety of enterprises and individuals. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sonia Choquette is a spiritual teacher and the New York Times–bestselling author of Walking Home and other books. She lives in Chicago.


The Secret of IGS for Spiritual Growth Issues

http://www.zendebrucke.com for more. There you will find free audio links, book, courses and the ability to ask questions about your Internal Guidance System and more.

This video gives you the secret of how to tell if you need to fix personal issues or not based on using the opening and closing sensations of the IGS. What to focus on and how to focus on it.

The Power Manifestation philosophy is based on the fact that you are always receiving information to bring you into greater alignment with your Highest Purpose. We call this information source the Internal Guidance System, or IGS. Each of us has our own Internal Guidance System located in our bodies.

Your IGS (sometimes called God, Spirit, or the Divine) has all the information you need to guide your thoughts regarding life decisions, large and small. Learning to use this new consciousness technology will enable you to know what you truly desire and what you are here to learn.

Your Inner GPS

Aired Wednesday, 11 May 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Today’s Star is Zen Cryar DeBrücke

Zen’s new book helps readers understand and access a powerful tool called an Internal Guidance System (IGS) that we are all are born with.

About the Guest Zen Cryar DeBrücke

Zen Cryar DeBrücke is the author of Your Inner GPS. She is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and coach whose programs have helped people all over the world transform their personal and business lives for the better.

Each of us is born with access to a powerful tool called an Internal Guidance System (IGS). Not unlike the GPS system that is built into cars, its purpose is to guide us through our lives by letting us know whether our thoughts and actions are moving us closer to, or further away from, the things we most want to create in our lives.

How to use it is detailed in her book, Your Inner GPS: Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Health, Happiness, and Satisfaction (New World Library, May 11, 2016). Zen Cryar DeBrücke has used her own Internal Guidance System over the course of the last twenty years to leave painful memories behind, abandon destructive relationship patterns, and create the life of her dreams.

Visit her online at: http://www.zeninamoment.com