How do I “achieve” nondual Love? Nonduality Vedanta Wisdom by James Swartz

Published on May 18, 2016

How do I get NonDual Love?

Well, it starts with some uncomfortable recommendations:
One gains devotion by giving up sense gratifications and associations with worldly objects.

It is obvious that nondual love does not come for free. There are qualifications necessary.

This is what I mean by saying: You cannot have your cake and eat it too.
You cannot assume to continue smoking, drinking, etc.
You have to let go of those tamasic and rajasic habits that disturb your mind.

If you think you can get nondual love and devotion and keep your bad habits and associations with useless people, it is not going to work.

Whenever you are around bad, useless people you get the same vibrations in you, your freedom is gone. This is just the way it is.

You have to look into your habits and lifestyle and make the necessary changes.

What do you do instead?
Keep your mind constantly on awareness, on the self.
You need to ritualize a devotional style of life!
Develop spiritual Vasanas (habits). Replace your worldly vasanas (sex, drugs, entertainment,…) with spiritual vasanas (meditation, praying, studying and listening the scriptures, going to satsangs,…).

Once this lifestyle change has been fully implemented nondual bhaktas (devotionalists) see awareness shining in everything!

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