Initial ‘awakening’ and enlightenment/Real Awakening ~ Aisha Salem

The initial awakening is just around the corner – the first use of our wings. This awakening is not enlightenment (Real awakening to reality) but to conscious Life – the tool to be used for our liberation. This article portrays the difference between initial awakening and enlightenment (Liberation) – the beginning and the End, and gives us right view on the tool- and its use, which we all stand to receive before long…

For realization to happen, there is a need for the very first step to be taken.

The step of dissolving our identity by our surrender to Life.

The very first dissolving happens through the step of sorting away all of the identification and realizing who “I” am.

The result of the very first step is awakening.

It is the first surrender and death of identification to the realization of All-inclusiveness.

Awakening is the tool which is needed, to lead us towards and to liberation. Enlightenment.

Awakening and the death to realization, of All being One, is the very first- in a row of deaths.

Which by their happening results in the thinning out of our Existence on every level of Existence.

The transformation of our sexual energy. Our want. Our ego.

Awakening is not the end, but the beginning and first step towards Self-realization.

It is where the work actually starts – of clearing our being in every corner possible.

Without the first full cycled death, the following deaths are out of reach. The world is being lead towards and will before long attain this very first step, of awakening within all beings.

Initial awakening is mis-interpreted as enlightenment by people.

What does the bird in the nest know of the birds in the sky?

Our very first death is the attainment of the knowledge of how to fly.

We have realized we have wings, but our wings are weak and we know nothing of the skies.

Once awakening has happened, we know our Self to be Life itself – to be God.

This is what is in store for every One here before long.

Realization of the One Life, through penetration of a spot of clear seeing,

One reach of the highest state of consciousness,

The achievement of our wing’s use.

But realization has not been attained.

The One clear spot of seeing has penetrated our being somewhere – either in Heart, Mind or belly.

The Existence of the sky has become known, but its expanse is not.

From there, that One spot of penetration is to grow.

To claim- and include its Truth in every part of us and our living Lives.

By its own perfection through our deeper, wider and complete surrender to it.

Realizing our Self to be God, Is the initial “travel home”, but the “return” is next.

The transformation of all sexual energy/Life-energy to become the same Space.

It happens by the rise of Life from the bottom of our being,

It looks like want – only this time, the identification happening, is with that of God.

All else follows – Our learning to fly.

If we let it, by going further – by keeping on letting go.

Using the tool of awakening for its intended purpose.

The inherent knowledge of God, allows as our tool,

to let die that identification again and again,

as want rises, grabbing the Life it sees, calling it itself,

it calls us for one more death, and one more,

Through death after death, it is emptied out and loses all power.

The training of our wings, will serve to uncover the mysteries of the sky.

Finding all parts of the sky to be the same Space.

Our dying again and again – is exactly this.

The living of our lives is the discovery of all parts of Life to be the same Space.

What we are, is to be seen in the right light,

The right light can thereby be applied to our Life and living.

We can come to succeed with the shaping of everything according to the reality of Nothing.

Not until all is done, succeeded and resolved, can we call the sky our home and being.

Do not be discouraged by the thought of a thousand deaths,

for it is the first death, which is the hardest.

And it is this cycle of re-rising followed by cessation of Ego, of want (a new death),

Which leads us to enlightenment.

We are birds learning to fly.

The gift of our wings is just around the corner – for everyone.

Learn to use them well,

Train your wings to carry you, 
And get to learn the skies…

The Zen masters facilitated a 1000 deaths, true enlightenment.

And so will you also come to break down your Self again and again, to finally become real and realize Self as no-self.

Aisha Salem – Letting Go Into The Intensity of Being

Aisha Salem – Letting Go Into The Intensity of Being

Extract from the Online Satsang November 2015

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth by Michael Vincent (Author)

In stripping away the flowery language, the sugar coating so to speak, the author is aware that he is presenting Self Enquiry as the challenging Practice it is designed to be, directly, “in the raw”. But then this will take you to an important question: Who or what is being challenged? What is it within you that creates this resistance, doubt and fear? This is your first opportunity to go to the source, to step back from this anxiety and concern and see it for what it is: the many-layered mind with all its attachments continuing its game-playing in an effort to remain in control. In being prepared to swallow what seems to be a bitter pill you are taken directly to what matters: the path to Truth.

Michael Vincent

Born in 1949 I have been a painter and writer throughout my life. Inspired by nature in front of the living, vibrant landscape painting has always been a connection with our precious Earth and an act of deep meditation.I specialise in gouache and oil painting and use my work to illustrate my published articles and books.
In 2004 I was honoured to receive the Sannyasin name Tathagat from the Osho Leela Community, a name I continue to use in my work in Self Enquiry.I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner (2005, Shekinashram, Glastonbury).
A life-long interest in meditation has culminated in a deepening understanding of Self Enquiry with my first book published on this Practice in 2010. I have also published articles on SE in Kindred Spirit and Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazines.
I live in Bridgwater, Somerset with my daughter Jennifer. From here I pursue a combined programme of creative activity and meditation taught to others through retreats and Satsang.

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