Adyashanti – The Ultimate Nature of Existence

Published on Jun 2, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the ultimate nature of existence and how truth plays an ever-vital role in spiritual realization. He delves into our understanding of the world, and the inevitable haziness and limiting nature of definitions, and how they color and inform our view of reality. Adyashanti offers up a question for consideration: What is the underlying truth of existence?

Excerpted From “Freedom in Every State”…

Quotes from this video:

“Reality is that which exists at all times, in all situations, wherever you may find yourself walking around the face of the Earth. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth.”

“What is true no matter where you might find yourself, no matter what state you might find yourself in—What’s the underlying Truth of existence? I’ve often thought that this is the underlying question of spirituality.”


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