Published on Jun 21, 2016 – Adyashanti and the Executive Director of Open Gate Sangha, Jerilyn Munyon, discuss the subtle nuances of prayer and how it can change over time. Together they examine how prayer has the potential to evolve—from asking for something into a deep state of listening. Adyashanti and Jerilyn discuss how prayer is a doorway into discovering a quiet intimacy within one’s own experience, and how one can move towards undefended love. Jerilyn offers up a question for contemplation: How can I listen better and more deeply?

Tune in to Radio Adyashanti tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22 at 6pm PST to catch the second broadcast between Adyashanti and Jerilyn Munyon: “The Heart Sutra: An Intimate Conversation”.…

Tune in to Radio Adyashanti on Thursday, June 23 at 12 Noon PST to catch a replay of the same broadcast, “The Heart Sutra: An Intimate Conversation”.Excerpted From “Faith, Doubt, and Prayer”: from this video:“The heart of what prayer does is it connects us, to something bigger, to something in a sense that’s beyond.”“The true nature of us is—it is us and it is also simultaneously beyond us.”