Published on Jun 22, 2016 Unmani speaks about how you can hear this message or this path of waking up as a way of endless self improvement. That puts the future goal of perfection so far in the future that, of course, you will never arrive. As if this message is about polishing this self, with the idea that one day this self will be a perfect self. That one day this self will be free, perfectly enlightened and perfectly unconditionally loving. That you will always feel at one with everything, never feel any pain, discomfort or fear. Thought imagines that there will be no thinking and no feelings.

Probably there are loads of other ideas that we have picked up on the way about how this perfect self should be one day. We try to attain this awakening as if it is an experience for me. When I wake up then I will feel at peace or at ease. We have certain ideas about how I will feel, behave or how other people will see me. It is still all about this sense of ‘me’. The language might have changed, perhaps it has become more non dual but it is still the same idea that one day it will be it.

And of course the actual message here, is that this is it already. But for thought that seems too easy, too obvious and too simple. It can’t possible be just this. If there are any problems or drama’s going on in your lives, it can’t possible include those. Anything uncomfortable will not fit into your ideas about how it should be. Thought will always find something to criticise. That is its nature. Thought will go on and on, endlessly trying to fix and improve this ‘me’. This believe in a separate ‘me’ that exists in time.