Adyashanti Guided Meditation – What Is the Nature of Self?

Published on Jul 1, 2016 – In this calming guided meditation, you are invited to inquire within and explore the true nature of self. Adyashanti guides you to direct your awareness inward and experience the blanket of silence that intrinsically underlies every moment of your life, while also pointing towards the ineffable mystery inherent within all of existence. Adyashanti offers a few questions: What is the nature of one’s self? Where is this thing called me?

Excerpted From “Guided Meditations Volume 2”

Quotes from this video:

“Meditation is the opportunity to look within for your self and to find out: Is it true? Is there a somebody?”

“The more we look for our self, the less we find.”

“When you look inside, what am I? Really. Truly. Without recourse to some past explanation, some theory, some dogma. But in one’s own actual experience: Where is this me?”

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