Untangling Self: A Buddhist Investigation of Who We Really Are by Andrew Olendzki

Pub Date 13 Dec 2016

Andrew Olendzki brings his decades of Buddhist and psychology experience to help readers evolve to be more altruistic, contribute to a lessening of suffering, and bring about a general elevation of well-being in the world.

Drawing on Buddhist wisdom with clear eyes, Andrew Olendzki’s Untangling Self gives careful thought to what it is we are making of Buddhism today. In essays that equally probe traditional Buddhist thought and contemporary issues, this eye-opening book helps us to better see both the Buddha and ourselves. Olendzki’s writing is sophisticated and engaged, filled with memorable imagery and insight drawn from decades of study, reflection, and meditation on Buddhist teachings. Seasoned Buddhist readers and anyone interested in the intellectual heart of Buddhism will find this collection of fascinating essays rewarding. Untangling Self inspires us to see nonself, interdependence, and mindfulness as rational, real-world answers to the human condition.

Andrew Olendzki, PhD, was trained in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in England, as well as at Harvard and the University of Sri Lanka. He is the former executive director of both the Insight Meditation Society and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

2015 Enlightenment Conference: Disillusionment as a Path to Enlightenment

Published on Feb 2, 2016

Presented by Enlightening Conversations, “Enlightenment: Idealized or Real” is the second program in a series in which psychoanalysts and Buddhist teachers speak openly and honestly about the nitty-gritty of human liberation.

In this panel, Grace Jill Schireson, Melissa Blacker, Robert Caper, Andrew Olendzki, Stuart A. Pizer, Shinzen Young, and Polly Young-Eisendrath discuss human freedom.

Andrew Olendzki – Early Buddhist Maps of the Mind

Published on Dec 5, 2014

Andrew Olendzki delivers an overview of the early Buddhist maps of the mind. Delivered at the 2013 Mind and Life Summer Research Institute. http://www.bcbsdharma.org

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