Adyashanti – The Fluidity of Truth

Published on Jul 14, 2016 – Adyashanti invites you to engage with the moment fully and welcome in a feeling of openness and fluidity, while letting the moment guide you towards its natural fulfillment. You can let go of any need to hold onto your realizations, while simultaneously realizing that there is nothing to let go of. Adyashanti points out that every state has its inherent limitations, so step away from rigid definitions, re-examine our definition of Truth, and open up to the infinite ways that reality presents itself.

Video excerpted From “Behold the Fluidity of Truth”

Quotes from this video:

“It’s not that you’ve found a greater, more majestic perspective, it’s about completely relinquishing your hold onto even the greatest realization. There’s a freedom from feeling you have to be in any particular state. And that’s even more free than permanently being in a great state — because every state of being has its limitation.”

“There’s truly nothing to hold onto. And also, there’s nothing to get rid of. From the ego’s perspective it’s all rather disappointing.”

“There’s something deeper. There’s an absolute fluidity of Truth and Reality. There’s an inexhaustible variety of ways in which Reality can display itself.”


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