Is there a Knower? Buddhism (Nirvana) and Advaita Vedanta

Published on Jul 24, 2016

No-Knower-Statements and Replies:

Question 1) There is no process of enlightenment for one is already it. There is nothing to gain or lose and everything dissolves

Reply: That true but not true. Its true from the point of view of awareness, but not true for the point of view of an individual.

2) No. There is no-knowing.

Reply: How do you know there is no-knowing?

3) When the mind is empty.

Reply: Is your mind empty now?

4) Experience. When one is full one must be empty, then one is full.

Reply: Experience doesn’t know anything. You, awareness, knows experience.

5) One’s awareness can be in the flow or not. Nothing is everything.

Reply: That may be true, depending on your idea of awareness, but who knows that nothing is everything?

6) Silence

Reply: Silence doesn’t know anything. It is known by you awareness.

7) There is no you. What I am saying is beyond the mind.

Reply: How do you know what is beyond the mind if there is no knower?

8) See how fast you contracted? I have been playing with you all along.

Reply: OK. So who are you, then?

9) Nothingness.

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