Adyashanti – Discovering the Foundation of Self

Published on Jul 28, 2016 – Adyashanti invites you to look underneath the everyday layers of life and deeply intuit what abides there. What is the foundational place that you can always visit—that is inherently ever-present? What lives beneath the surface of every moment? He invites you to discover who exists before anything is happening. There is this intrinsic, unmoving peace and well-being present and ever-available in every moment. Adyashanti offers up the following questions: What’s the foundation of all of your experience? Who have you been all your life without noticing?

Video excerpted From “Revealing the Unknown Self”

Quotes from this video:

“Energy is a name for a dynamic nothing.”

“Who have you been all your life without noticing? Perhaps it has been the one thing you can’t think about or name, but it’s there for all of us.”

“Just by acknowledging that in all the world of the known—the known self, the known world, the seen world, the heard world, the remembered ideas, the beliefs, the emotions, the feelings, that creative dynamic bubbling up of life every second—it’s all arising as your own experience in this moment.”


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