Adyashanti – Experiencing Through the Heart

Published on Jul 30, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the vast capabilities of the heart—how it has an infinite capacity to empower you and liberate you from the narrative of your mind. By letting your mind rest, your other capacities are allowed to come online, which allows heart-centered actions to take center stage. By retiring old stories that your mind has created about experiences, you are freed from the relentlessness and repetitiveness of your mind. By realizing the inherent limited nature of feelings and emotions, you are able to experience things as they truly are. Adyashanti offers up the option that there is an alternative to the interpretive network of the mind—and invites you to experience this for yourself.

Video excerpted From “Jumping Off the Cliff”

Quotes from this video:

“The most profound experiences of openheartedness are often when our mind is overwhelmed by beauty, or intimacy, or closeness. Then there is this extraordinary, heartful availability. Those moments are like glimmers beyond the veil that humans tend to live their lives behind—that there is actually something quite extraordinary right on the other side of this narrative.”

“Our mind is making up about 99% of all the experiences we have—emotional experiences, feeling experiences, and all the rest.”

“When you realize that what you’re actually experiencing is your mind—from one point of view it’s rather disappointing and from another point of view it’s extraordinarily empowering—because it means you have a lot more options than you ever imagined about how to experience anything.”

“The present moment is actually creating the experience of the past.”

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