If your commitment and longing for full awakening and freedom is the top priority in your life, if you have heard the ancient inner call to remember, then I invite you to join me in my awareness that you are truly the Divine Expression of All Love. I call you to enter the yes with me, and open to living within the Peace and Joy of All Love.

Most of humanity believes that the Divine Expression of All Love is so exalted that it is beyond their reach. The doorway of the Awakened Heart reveals that such magnificence is not exalted. Nor is it reserved for exalted beings. It is all there is, and as such is ordinary. The secret is within the ordinariness, where you embrace the simplicity of your magnificence that has always been the Divine Truth of All Love. I call you to join me in a world without struggle.

Chris Celine is an awakened spiritual mystic and guide to many beloveds seeking a gentle way home. A powerful healer and seer, Chris Celine transmits the Love of God in profound and life altering ways. Her pure love can be received in every cell. She is a living example of the Love of God manifesting on earth and walks in this world as a reminder that everything can be healed and transformed into Love.

Chris Celine- The Eternal Present Moment- Part 2