Adyashanti points to the irreducible quality of being that is inherent within all beings. As the wall of separation disintegrates between you and the world, it becomes obvious that the separation was only created in your mind. This realization frees you from any bonds to separation and allows unity to flourish. Adyashanti invites you to open yourself up to an experience of extraordinary intimacy with all of life.

Excerpted from “The Irreducible Quality of Being”:

Quotes from this video:

“One of the most direct and authentic hallmarks of an authentic spiritual awakening is you experience an extraordinary intimacy with all of life.”

“The irreducible quality of each person’s being is also the irreducible quality of all being.”

“Anybody that comes upon the irreducible quality of being, they’ll experience that the walls of separation that separate them from the world around them will seemingly fall down—which simply means for a moment you will stop producing them, because they’re not actually there. We just create them in our imagination.”

“One of the first jobs of spirituality is to elicit that irreducible quality within us.”