God’s Blueprint: Scientific Evidence that the Earth was Created to Produce Humans by Christopher Knight

God’s Blueprint is the boldest statement yet by the popular investigator of the past, Christopher Knight. While he is sees a role for all religions he has none himself, yet Knight makes the case for a deliberate design to the human universe using detailed astronomical data. Surprisingly, most scientists already accept the basic notion of a God but because they require factual, checkable evidence, few have ever publicly supported the idea.

But now new evidence has became available that provides hard-nosed evidence of God’s existence. Nothing less than God’s blueprint appears to have been discovered – found accidentally by the author while researching the science of the Neolithic (late Stone Age) people of Western Europe. Knight makes his case in a step-by-step manner, making you the jury. The evidence will be sure to surprise and delight you. The only questions that remains is, will scientists embrace the concept of a Supreme Creator, as they once did in Isaac Newton’s day – and will theologians be prepared to look at new evidence that compliments their ancient scriptures?

Christopher Knight is one of the world’s leading researchers into freemasonry, sacred geometry and ancient astronomy. He is the co-author of many titles including, The Hiram Key, The Hiram Key Revisited, Solomon’s Power Brokers, Who Built The Moon?, Civilisation One and many more. He runs a marketing company in Yorkshire, and travels the world giving lectures. He is a frequent on-air contributor to documentaries that appear on cable TV in America, Canada, the UK and Europe. The author lives in UK.


God’s Blueprint by Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight is the best-selling co-author of The Hiram Key, The Hiram Key Revisited, Solomon’s Power Brokers, Who Built The Moon?, Civilisation One and many more. Chris began his writing career by accident after he invested nearly twenty years in personal research into the origins of Freemasonic rituals and early Judaism. Whilst Chris has never had any religious affiliations of any kind he has always been interested in the formulation of belief systems. This book puts the idea of God on trial. Whilst the case has been hotly disputed over recent generations with scientists on one side and theologians on the other, evidence either way has been thin on the ground.

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