Understanding Takes Place in the Absence of Mind

Published on Sep 2, 2016

A discussion about the nature of understanding.

Mukti – Embracing Our Humanness

Published on Sep 1, 2016

http://muktisource.org – Mukti explores the power of inquiry and how it is an essential tool for self-exploration and self-knowledge. By connecting to your senses and shifting your attention to your surroundings, your energies are allowed to settle and rest. This ever-important rest provides a foundation for true exploration into your being. By exploring the very human side of life—how there can be tendencies to automatically take things personally—you have the opportunity to learn a new way of being, one filled with lightness, and depth of understanding. By taking self-interest out of the equation, you can engage more fully with the present moment and act from a place of peace. Letting judgments fall away, you are left with considerations for the larger context of being, which allows a broader sense of wholeness—a dynamic Oneness. Mukti delves into the discovery of who and what you are, and invites you to open up to the new vistas of perspectives that now lay before you. Mukti offers up the following question: What is it that we essentially are?

Video Excerpted From “Humanness and Beingness”:

Quotes from this video:

“There’s a way in which the discovery of who and what we are is something that can give way to a knowing that is beyond experience, and can dramatically transform our lived experience.”

“This realm of being that is innate to who and what we are—that is not subject to the framework of ‘me’ as an experiencer.”

“What can open up, in terms of shift of experience, with the discovery of who and what we are, is a sense that there is a greater emphasis on beingness itself. With the emphasis on beingness— the sense of the someone who is the doer, the someone who is the navigator, the seeming controller, the one who would be making decisions or judgments etcetera—that sense of self has, in large part, gone very quiet, or dormant, or some would say that it is no longer present. And therefore the emphasis becomes more on this innate beingness.”

“Once that relaxation sets in more deeply and there’s more of an establishing in the sense of global listening or global sensing, then one can relax into a posture of being that feels less identified with the personal self and more a posture of being that joins this whole orchestra of life as its expressing beingness.”

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