Adyashanti – Experiencing the Infinite Reality

Published on Sep 15, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the vast perspectives that we can view life through, and questions the assumption that there is one ideal way to rigorously adhere to. By realizing that no one perspective is correct, you can settle into the fact that—there are infinite ways to view the ultimate reality—and each one of them is magnificent in its own way. By focusing on the choice of which perspective to inhabit, you are blinded from what stands in front of you—this exquisitely beautiful world that you are living in. Letting go of perspectives, your attachments to them, and any lingering value judgments, you open yourself up to the vast array of life that lies at your fingertips in every moment. Adyashanti points out that without these limiting factors hindering you and by diving deeply into your experience, you are able to gracefully step into the infinite reality.

Quotes from this video:

“It’s a human thing to put all these value judgments on the ways that we can experience the infinite reality. And as soon as we do that—we limit ourselves.”

“On this planet, you can experience life the way that human beings have been conditioned to experience it, as a very separate thing: where you are this little human being walking around in this extraordinarily vast thing called life—doing the best you can. That’s one way to experience Life. Is that right or wrong—or is that just one way that the Infinite can experience itself?”

“The idea isn’t to experience life only in one way.”

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