Adyashanti – Creating Space in the Mind

Adyashanti explores the nature of the mind and how by creating space within it, you are allowing experience to occur naturally and effortlessly. You are no longer bound by the mind’s restraints or by the events that unfold in your life. By allowing emotions and feelings to arise and fall away spontaneously, you create space for yourself to not get lassoed into reactivity. This vast internal space forges great freedom. Adyashanti points to the vital aspect of choice becoming part of your everyday experience of being.

Quotes from this video:

“Consciousness is the first thing that emptiness does. It’s a capacity. It’s an attribute.
When you’re in the experience of it, one of the benefits it gives you is you no longer feel velcroed to whatever the current feeling state or thought state is. You don’t feel bound to it.

“When there’s no space, you are whatever your conditioning throws up into your experience. So if you’re angry, you are angry. That’s it. No space. There’s nothing but anger. If you’re sad, there’s only sadness. There’s nothing else. You are the sadness. If you’re joyous, there’s just joy, which you love and become attached to. If there’s despair, then you’re just despairing.”

“The ego can put on the costume of witnessing, but it can’t actually do it. The witnessing is something that’s already happening. It’s more like you notice it rather than you do it. It’s like awareness. You notice awareness is already happening. You don’t do awareness.

“When we experience some internal spaciousness. When you experience that whatever emotion or feeling or thought is arising within a kind of spaciousness—it means that you can either give your attention to that, you can become attached to that, you can watch it, you can act upon it, or not act upon it—you have options, in other words, and this is vital.”


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