7 Evolutionary Love and the Evolution of Love

Published on Oct 18, 2016

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni in The Universe: A Love Story Video Series Week 8

From the dialogue: Barbara: So the evolution of love has to do with the freedom to choose to say yes to the impulse of love within yourself and to be wise enough also to know in what direction that love is to go. It’s not just to be love in a totally expansive way for everyone and everything. Everyone has a unique aspect of the evolution of love, which is the evolution of I think of it as our soul’s code like we’re almost born to give certain gifts to the world. . . . . . . when you get to the evolution of love and you realize that love is the impulse of creation itself in you, specifically as you, and you say yes to it, something starts to turn on in you that is I would say the impulse of evolution as love and it starts to guide you. . . . Marc: . . . Barbara then jumped to stage four so gorgeously; then I go from world-centric love to Cosmocentric love where I actually identify as evolution awakening as me. Love incarnates, love intelligence incarnates as me, and the evolutionary impulse of all of reality becomes awake as Barbara. And reality is having a Barbara experience and Barbara as the evolutionary impulse of love begins to act in the world. When that happens, then new synchronicities, new attractions, new realities, new political structures. Because Barbara is not just loving every human being she is love itself. She’s awakened as outrageous evolutionary love. She becomes the force of the Cosmos itself is now Barbara-ing. Is now acting as Barbara which is the ultimate incarnation that we know of, of the evolution of love which is I think is what you were referring to.

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