Adyashanti – The Philosophy of Enlightenment

Published on Oct 20, 2016 – Adyashanti introduces the online study course that he will be doing in November entitled, “The Philosophy of Enlightenment.” Adyashanti points out the importance of re-examining the philosophies that are the undercurrents of your life—much of the time unconsciously. By looking closely at your underlying beliefs and assumptions that inform your personal life, you can bring choice into the picture and free yourself from any restrictions previously placed upon you. By unpackaging your philosophies, you are able to unlock new possibilities and new vistas in your consciousness, and create your own experience of life in a very intentional way. In this introduction to the online study course, “The Philosophy of Enlightenment,” Adyashanti offers up a real, tangible way to interact with the contents of your consciousness in a very healing, caring, and kind way.

“The Philosophy of Enlightenment” is a 4-Week Online Study Course that occurs November 2-23, 2016. Live video broadcasts happen on Wednesday Evenings at 6pm Pacific Time with Replays Anytime!

This live video broadcast study course offers a unique and unprecedented opportunity to:
– Look far beneath the surface of your experience of life.
– Transform your underlying assumptions.
– Uncover vast new potentials of awakened living.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN through October 30, 2016 (or sooner if the course fills to capacity).

To register for this study course, “The Philosophy of Enlightenment,” go here:

What is Spiritual Awakening – Adyashanti

Published on Oct 21, 2016

Adyashanti is a spiritual teacher with a Zen Buddhist background. In this video he – as always – takes a down-to-earth approach to explaining spiritual awakening / enlightenment. It all comes down to seeing reality just as it is, without using our mind as a filter.

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