There Is Not Nothing; There Is Experience ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Oct 28, 2016

A discussion inquiring into the concept of emptiness in Buddhism in contrast with the concept of Self in the direct path.

Adyashanti – Perceiving Your Personal Philosophy

Published on Oct 27, 2016 – Adyashanti speaks to the philosophy that you bring to your everyday life. What thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are you referencing from your past that are—consciously or unconsciously—informing your present experience? How are you interacting with life? Your own personal philosophy is a lens that you view life through, and it interprets and colors all of your experiences, creating your life. Adyashanti offers up the question: What philosophy am I entertaining at this moment right now? These are the profound inquiries and issues that Adyashanti will address in his study course, “The Philosophy of Enlightenment.”

Video Excerpted From: “The Philosophy of Enlightenment” Study Course – Exercise 1.

Quotes from this video:

“Just begin to examine this whole sense that every moment of relationship, we’re actually unconsciously bringing our philosophy of life into that moment.”

“You start to see that your philosophy of life, if it’s not in alignment with the unfolding of life, will cause conflict.”

“Take these little moments throughout the day, and drop this question into your mind: What philosophy am I living by right now? What set of opinions and beliefs am I living by? What set of past experiences am I viewing the current moment through?”

“Our own personal philosophy—about our self, others, and life—these aren’t just abstract ideas that float around in our mind. They’re actually ideas that we perceive through; they dictate the way that we experience life.”

U S ELECTIONS 2016: Ball of confusion versus the alternatives ~ Drs. Moschetta

Published on Oct 25, 2016

NonDuality weekly meeting led by Drs. Moschetta at their home in East Hampton, NY.

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