Michael A. Rodriguez – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Nov 3, 2016

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This is just a story. I put it into words reluctantly. Please do not compare yourself to me or anyone else. Rather, live by your own Light. In reality, there is absolutely no separation between you and me in any way.

I share my direct experience of boundless Awareness, which is our common ground, to all beings who feel called to work with me. My spiritual path began 22 years ago with Zen and subsequently included deep engagements with Vedanta, Sufism, and Christian mysticism.

I hold four academic degrees, including a master’s degree in Comparative Religion from Harvard, taught at the university level for many years, and lived for two years in a monastery. Although I began my journeyless journey with Roshi Philip Kapleau and Toni Packer, my three greatest influences are Nisargadatta, Mooji, and Rupert Spira.

Based on my exposure to their teachings, my spiritual path culminated after I left academia and had an Awakening during a five-year period of purification and alchemical transmutation where I experienced a series of direct insights into non-dual Awareness. In addition to this extraordinarily dynamic purificatory process of the body-mind during which my insights became embodied in and as the Natural State, I also saw my Self in the silence of the mind as the unbroken eternal continuity of Pure Awareness, what Nisargadatta calls the Absolute; this Realization has never left and is the unchanging Reality of all my changing experiences. Seeking fell away, the seeker disappeared, and all questions and doubts vanished.

As I work with people one-on-one and in groups, I avoid any fixed position by flowing freely not only between the paths of wisdom and devotion, but also between the radical non-dual approach that points to “sudden Awakening” and the many yogic/therapeutic paths that emphasize evolution. In addition to drawing from the world’s wisdom traditions, I integrate literature, music, and art into my work to address the full range of human potential.

For those who are interested, a more detailed description of my spiritual unfoldment can be found on my website.

Website: http://BoundlessAwareness.org

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