Adyashanti – An Intuitive Knowing

Published on Nov 10, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the innate intuition that resides within each human being’s experience. Right in the middle of your humanness is a quietly persistent element of consciousness that underlies all of your actions and your entire experience of being. Adyashanti points out the common spiritual trap of having a mind at war with itself, and the inherent unnecessariness of inhabiting that perspective. Going deeper than the surface layers of the mind, you can settle into your innate, subtle knowing.

Video Excerpted From “The Spark of Consciousness” (DVD 72):

Quotes from this video:

“There is an intuition, there is a knowing—it might be a flicker, it might be a flame—but there is an intuitive knowing that there is much more going on—in life, in you, in everything—than this endless storyteller.”

“What better way to keep your mind active than to have your mind at war with itself all the time.”

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